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  • Whenever someone requests that you to spend your money, there is always the potential for a conflict of interest; and before parting with any cash, one should always try to make sure that a less obvious motive isnít behind the request than the purpose being presented to you.

  • The advantage of getting the most information that we can before investing, is that it enables us to choose the information that that most suits what we have already decided to do.

  • Freedom is a wonderful thing to have guaranteed in our laws; however, many freedoms are meaningless unless one has first acquired the economic means to exercise them.

  • The average investor tends to believe that a professional advisor is indispensable to oneís financial success when actually the average investor is the one that is indispensable to the financial success of the professional advisor.

  • One is wealthy if contented, and is impoverished if not, regardless of the wealth accumulated.

  • Reducing risk is like producing a vacuum; you can eliminate most gasses, but never all.

  • It is far easier to live beyond your income than it is to live beyond your creditors.

  • Generally in investing, it is much wiser to invest in companies, because of their undervalued assets, than in companies, because of their overvalued promises.

  • It is true that money canít buy happiness; but it is also true that its absence can buy a world of misery.

  • With many, the obsession to acquire, by creating ever more debt, can be compared to one that is obsessed about carefully erecting his own gallows.

  • Debt tends to be like a large and complex maze in that it is easy to enter and difficult to exit.

  • Fear in investing is like a power surge to a computer; it shorts out our reason, and opens the gate to a swarm of irrational choices.

  • The pursuit of wealth becomes enough of an obsession in many that it seems as though that is their purpose in living; however, after a certain, but ill-defined point, further passion for wealth becomes more like a madness than mere obsession.

  • The greatest debt, that we have that can never be repaid, is what we owe the prior generations for what they provided for us; but instead of trying to repay them, we steal from those of the future by incurring mountains of Federal debt that can never be repaid except by severely debasing our currency.

  • That expenditures would only rise to meet incomes is only a happy memory in the America of the 21st Century.

  • Talk is never cheap when it is poor investment advice.

  • On Wall Street, there are investment styles, and like all styles, they are temporary; one is best advised to buy what isnít in style, because that is unlikely to be abandoned the following season.

  • In investing, it is often said that a rising tide lifts all boats; but remember, the Titanic is just where it was in 1912 and that there are far more boats on the oceanís floor than on its surface..

  • Taking hot-tips on stocks is like break-dancing in a minefield.

  • Saving nothing and spending everything that you earn is like burning your house in the winter to keep warm.


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