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  • Many of the truths that we regard as absolute are only words about other words.

  • A greater power is not necessarily a superior power; in fact often the greater the power, the more inferior the power.

  • Nothing makes the past more appealing than a faulty memory in the present.

  • Few things bear so heavily on us as what is believed to be otherís opinions about us.

  • Oneís religious upbringing should never prevent anyone from doing that which they believe to be right.

  • When young, we believed that we knew ourselves because we knew our fears and desires, and little more. Later, when good fortune allowed us to dispatch those fears and desires; a new and deeper self was revealed that bore little kinship to what we earlier believed ourselves to be.

  • When new ideas rub against old ideas, heat must be generated that imperils both, often amalgamating into a blend of both. The presence of this heat is a sign of hope, not dismay.

  • Often the belief in power is far more important than its possession.

  • Few can dwell on the reality that each of us will someday be totally forgotten; and that even the most famous among us are condemned to be little more than words in a dusty book.

  • All that we now hold dear was at one time just one personís dream.

  • Loyalty is a virtue only when directed towards those of virtue. Loyalty is always a vice when directed towards those that wrongfully intend the harm of others.

  • Like Archimedesí Principle, untruths displace their own weight in truths and float to the top.

  • Some beliefs go to your head like swallowing an ice cube.

  • All true knowledge flows from human experience; but much of what we call knowledge flows only from human desires and fears.


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Page 28 of  131

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