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  • Religions are for the most part, just cults that have gotten large enough to become politically persuasive.

  • With the world shrinking and populations expanding, hostilities between nations are becoming more like having a duel in a closet.

  • It is true that we can bring a horse to water but we canít make it drink, but why would we want to unless we believe we understand the horseís needs better than does the horse. Government usually is made up of such people that presume to ďknowĒ our needs better than we do. Perhaps then, we can elect people to offices but we canít make them think.

  • The true winners of a war are those that averted it.

  • If we ever chose to grant great power into any position in a society, we should first imagine what would happen should the most unethical person that we can imagine rise to that position, because eventually that will happen.

  • The similarities between ourselves and those that we regard as very different are probably at least 90%. The remaining 10% is what we focus on instead, and this is the source of most of mankindís problems. Perhaps if we focused on the 90% and learn to appreciate the diversity of our differences, strife would end.

  • The most popular device that politicians use is to rob the small number of Peters and present the loot to the much larger number of Pauls.

  • Those Americans that despair of France, Germany, and Russia because they withheld their help during the War In Iraq in 2003, should remember that we withheld most of the help that we should have given to Great Britain when they neared collapse under Germanyís assault in 1940 and 1941.

  • If mankind were entirely rational, there would be no need for governments and its laws, but since we arenít entirely rational we have to endure governments and its laws that are even less rational than its citizens.

  • No one should be feared or suspected more than one that lusts after power. Those that receive power should be those that have power thrust upon them, but this rarely is the case.

  • To dream of a time where there will be no abuse of power is to dream of a time when there is no power; when men possess power, they use it against man; when government posses power, it uses it against man. The first can be reduced; the latter isnít except through revolution.

  • The political ploy of dividing our nation into groups that are turned against one another during political campaigns is undoubtedly one of the major causes of our civil discord that prevents our joining together to confront the major challenges looming directly ahead of us.

  • A nation is more easily bound together by its hatreds of other nations than by its citizenís goodwill for one another.

  • The freedom of expression that we are guaranteed means that individuals are able to express genius as well as foolishness; were there to be none of the latter, it is certain that freedom of expression was actually censored expression.


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