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  • Judging from some of the things that mankind has done in the last century, we might wonder if the Devil isnít sitting on the sidelines taking notes on how to improve.

  • We need not raise our voices, and God doesnít need to raise His, when we are with Him in our solitude instead of in a crowd.

  • It would be strange if God treated us as though we were mere children that would be punished for violating parental rules, and rewarded if complying with those rules. Surely God expects more from us than parents do of their children.

  • We should not fear that which is perfect, not even Godís Judgment.

  • There are those that attend church in much the same way that a patron of an art gallery goes there to study its frames.

  • When God is behind our efforts, we wonít fail. If God isnít behind our efforts, then why should we be concerned about our failures?

  • If the humanity within our species is insufficient for our future, then only God can save us.

  • If there is anything certain about God, then it is that mankind lacks even the slights glimmerings as to the nature of God. If, in fact, God created the Universe, of which we have only scant knowledge, then how can any human assume to grasp the nature of the Universeís Creator?

  • Even as we pray for rain, we should also be making plans to irrigate.

  • The left-handed people in America should be thankful that The Bible didnít say that Jesus was right-handed. Had that happened, you can be sure that there would be those supposing all kinds of evil interpretations to left-handedness, the way that they do now to homosexual orientations.

  • If ďjudging notĒ is a Christian virtue, then why do so many Christians feel compelled to judge those that believe differently about God?

  • God never shouts to us; rather He whispers so softly that one will never notice Him unless trying.

  • Our greatest treasures are not put on display with spotlights always focused on them, but are stored for us in safe places. We should wonder how future generations will deal with the superficial values, exhibited by the celebrities of today, that are collectively more highly worshiped than God or the highest of our long-term values that have endured for millennia.

  • With some, it is difficult to know if they are praising God for creating mankind, or blaming Him.

  • Mankind should hedge it bets, on the question of an afterlife, by doing its best to create a heaven here. Since so many have already experienced Hell, we wonít need any more for that hedge.

  • Perhaps God has sent us a message, but itís encrypted and weíve just begun its understandings.

  • Reason is no more the enemy of faith than is a shovel the enemy of the earth. Those that oppose digging into the nature of faith are saying that ignorance of faith is preferable to knowledge of faith.

  • Perhaps mankind so loved itself that it created gods in its image.

  • God, and perhaps the entire spiritual world, may exist about us all the time subliminally, where we feel a presence but are unable to sense that presence in an ordinary manner.

  • Few things are as corrupting to the youth as adults that profess ideals and deliver only abundant lip service.

  • We would not believe that someone is a duck, no matter how convincing their duck call. In the same sense, we should never believe that a person is a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or Sikh merely because they profess to be so; as it is what they do that discloses their true beliefs.

  • No matter how fervently one believes in there being an afterlife, it will never be as certain as believing that there is a present life.

  • If all of the verifiable evidence of Godís existence were put before a jury, the trial would be a shortone. If all of the verifiable evidence of Godís nonexistence were put before a jury, the trial would be shorter still.

  • The seeing-eye dog that we all must use in finding our way to God is named Faith.


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