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  • One of todayís health problems is having a meal for two when all alone.

  • Liberals generally believe that the downtrodden will never improve their lives unless bribed.

  • The biggest problem with facts is that they never leave us alone until we join their side.

  • We would be happier if only our misdeeds could be as easily forgotten as a borrowed book.

  • A reward, offered in want ads, wonít help recover lost health.

  • When it is said that we can do anything that we can imagine; does that mean that someday Iíll be able to fly by flapping my arms?

  • A hundred Einsteins may go into the grave daily without being discovered. No other natural resource is so wasted; yet it is the most valuable of all.

  • Perhaps, thereís no fool like an old fool, but any that profess certainty of the future runs a close second.

  • One of the most important functions of higher education should be to instruct students how to administer CPR to the curiosity that is near death from earlier teachings.

  • Though copper and tin are very different, they fuse to form bronze, a metal much firmer and usable for many purposes, than either of the other two, So should mankindís differences also blend to produce beliefs that are much more useful to the difficult tasks ahead in muting our dissimilarities.

  • The problem with many is that they try to listen with their mouths.

  • If history is to judge us for what we are and for what we do, we should hope that they employ the standards of today instead of those of tomorrow. Likewise, we should be just as gentle with the generations of the past.

  • Some think before talking. Some think while talking. Some think after talking. Some talk without thinking.

  • It is easy to add friends; but it is easier still to multiply oneís enemies.

  • Those that constantly long for the past must feel that the future is a giant Hoover vacuum.


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