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  • Originality is like gold in that no matter how much either of them is diluted by baser elements, the originality and the gold always remain within.

  • An unpleasant truth sticks in the throat of mankind like a handful of fish bones, while a soothing untruth only whets the appetite for more.

  • An open mind, that is free of discriminating judgment, will soon overflow with rubbish.

  • When one causes an emotional impression on another, the other will remember that person. When presenting a new idea to another, that person will likely forget the person as well as the idea.

  • Some say that love means - That you donít have to say "Iím sorry"; but genuine love means that one truly is sorry and wants to say so anyhow.

  • Experience probably is the best teacher, but unfortunately for most, it is also the most expensive.

  • Freedom of thought means more than the ability to think anything; rather freedom of thought encourages the desire to think what may never have been thought of before.

  • The greatest impediment to understanding and accepting evolution is the absolute impossibility of anyone comprehends the very large numbers that are involved.

  • It may be that blood is thicker than water, but what is even thicker than blood is the gray-matter called the brain.

  • Few things are as unchangeable as are the opinions of teenagers and the elderly.

  • Anger is the perfect remedy for drowsiness, and a predictable cause of insomnia.

  • We most often think of courage as the willingness to put oneís life in jeopardy, but the most commonly shirked courage is to put oneís ego in jeopardy.

  • It is easy, when watching an animal respond to what is about it, to assume that what is going on in its head would be the same as would go on in our heads since we respond similarly; such an assumption assumes the animalís mental processes involves words since most of our responses do with the exception of conditioned reflexes. We can never understand another creatureís mental process no matter how strongly we believe that we already do.

  • Thoughts possess insight while words are blind; for this reason it is wise to permit our thoughts to lead our words. When words lead thoughts, pitfalls are many.

  • No one has ever found a way of teaching wisdom except by example, and even that usually fails.

  • Oneís past is as real-estate that can never be sold or abandoned, and for which taxes are always due, and if fortunate, provides treasure to the present.

  • When one is sinking, and all have abandoned ship, the last to leave will always be hope.

  • The dependent mind, regardless at what age, looks for an authority to say what is right and what is wrong; however, there are no authorities on right and wrong even though there are innumerable that claim to be.

  • We exist like snowflakes in the palm of a hand, crystalline and pure in descent, hesitant on alighting, then disappearing forever.

  • We deserve no more from another than what they freely agreed to provide; they deserve no more from us than what we have freely agreed to provide.

  • The moment anger is detected in ourselves or in others; we are no longer engaged in a discussion but a struggle to dominate, and against being dominated.

  • We should live our personal lives as a minority of one governed by a majority of one..

  • To excuse yourself in whatever you do is to invite more failures.

  • Mankind has developed intricate feeding habits for its many faults, and the most prevalent feeding habit of all is to call a fault a virtue.

  • It may be that those that discover a scandal receive as much pleasure in the discovery as those while scandalizing.

  • Those that seem to question as to whether reality is what we perceive, can resolve the question by hitting their thumbs with a hammer.

  • Those that endlessly seek approval from others need to first find it in themselves.

  • It is our nature to not believe all that we see or to see all that we believe.

  • Many plan without doing; many do without planning; the few plan and then do.

  • No matter how well educated another is, that person will never gain admittance into anotherís inner self, but we, whether we are educated or not, can enter ourselves, but only if unafraid of what will be discovered. ______________________________________

  • Our minds demand that we occasion it with special happenings that are pleasurable peaks above the baselines of daily life. When that baseline is low, there need be only small peaks to satisfy this need. However when one has accumulated large wealth and satisfied every desire, danger lurks as the baseline will now have risen to such a height as to require increasingly dangerous behavior that may involve drugs and other experiences that risk life itself.

  • Therefore, it is wise, when acquiring wealth, to restrain satisfactions of desires so that they can be parceled out slowly to safely satisfy our innate desires for those special happenings.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 29 of  161

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