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  • Don’t do business with those who seem like they can’t profit from so doing; because it will be discovered that they did profit in a way that you may regret.

  • Invest only when in an ego-free zone.

  • Those that pursue wealth, for other than gaining economic freedom, are in danger of losing other freedoms.

  • The old saying that “Work shall set you free.” is true but only if one spends less than one earns.

  • To borrow is to invite a sorrow; to loan is to invite a moan.

  • Americans would probably be more willing to accept changes were it not for their sneaky suspicions that someone somewhere might actually make a profit from those changes.

  • Confidence in a nation’s currency is like the keystone of an arch; one side of the arch being that the future buying power of the currency will remain relatively constant, and the other side being that one will not have governmental constraints placed on how that currency is spent. Remove the keystone of confidence, and the sides will collapse along with the currency.

  • Those that push against the sides of the “envelope” should go ahead and get on the outside; because it is there that the greatest opportunities await.

  • Inflation has blessed us with the luxuries of life; unfortunately, those luxuries are now what we once called our necessities.

  • We have fears of deprivation when we are without money only to be replaced later by fears of losing money once we have it.

  • The greatest impediment to wealth accumulation isn’t caution, but the lack of it when the future seems at its brightest.

  • Most Americans regard it as unconstitutional to sell someone into slavery. It is unless one sells themselves; this is done through incurring personal debt; the greater the debt is in relation to the ability to pay it, the greater the bondage.

  • Those that like to say that money isn’t everything are correct, but nothing else is either.

  • Those that go into business to be their own boss, usually end up being a servant to their customers.

  • There is not and has never been an investment that doesn’t possess risk; it is only our naivety that causes us to believe that there could be.

  • One way to be sure of being remembered after death, is to die deeply in debt to many creditors.

  • Always be suspicious of deceit when another would find it profitable to use it.

  • Great wealth attracts hearts as well as arrows.

  • Those that believe themselves to be smarter than the market rarely are; those that believe themselves to be more patient than the market usually are and profit by this advantage.

  • It is best to reply to others as though they were trustworthy; it is foolish follow others financial advice as if it were certain that they were trustworthy.

  • Opportunities are less often discovered than they are made.

  • Because of the monstrous debt that we are leaving for future generations, those in the future can correctly say that the dead are killing us.

  • Whenever the investor starts believing that it’s different this time; the similarities will soon emerge.

  • Weather it be capital or labor, when either one becomes dominant, a parasite on that industry is hatched.

  • Economic predictions will never be able to employ the number one factor affecting it, - politics. Since political decisions are so often anti-rational, so also are most predictions about the economy.

  • It is difficult to lose in the stock market when one invests in something that will have increasing demand for what will be in decreasing supply.

  • Persistence and patience are the secret ingredients in the recipe for success.


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