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  • Conformity is the most popular form of cowardice.

  • It isn’t hypocrisy to entertain a thought that conflicts with our basic beliefs; rather it is like being polite when a stranger comes for a visit in one’s home.

  • Some things that we regard as false today may be tomorrow’s discovered truths.

  • Some seem to suppose that mankind’s direction can shift into reverse-gear.

  • It may be that those that believe that "Everything happens for the best" are correct, but not necessarily the best for themselves.

  • Those that covet praise primarily seek to quell self-doubt.

  • Truth is not visible; it is not audible; nor can it not be detected by any of the five senses, but truth is sensed only by testing its congruence with all that is real.

  • It is a very great rarity when any effect has a single cause, though most find it easier to think otherwise. Causes are almost always the product of many factors, any of which, if missing, would have eliminated the effect entirely. Instead of "The cause" we should always think "One of the factors" in order to think more clearly.

  • It is often said that: "Your only get out of something what you put into it." If this were true, mankind would have no material assets as the only source of wealth accumulation is by getting more out of something than one puts in to it.

  • Customs and traditions, like the tar-pits that trapped creatures of long ago, tend to trap us in a mental morass that prevents our rapid change in a rapidly changing world.

  • It is said: "That out of chaos comes order". So what, where else could order originate? Also, out of order comes chaos. Again, so what?

  • Those, not humbled by life, probably died either young or mad.

  • "Art" is whatever a group of art authorities claim it to be. Do you then suppose that an elephant is only what a group of zoologists claim it to be?

  • When everything seems to be going wrong, just relax; because it probably came for an overnight stay only.


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Page 29 of  131

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