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  • In the long history of mankind, no crime has been so often treated as a capital offence as the crime of having a different opinion.

  • The Republican and Democratic Parties are like the inside and outside of the body, one wouldnít exist long without the other.

  • When driving a car, it is wise to avoid driving in the middle of the road, but in politics, the middle is where there is the least danger of failure.

  • It must surely be a sign of some kind of mental illness when one is predisposed to regard the president of the opposing political party as having only self-interest and corrupt ends in what he does.

  • We are all aware that freedom means our ability to act without arbitrary restraints; what isnít commonly regarded as freedom is our ability to not act at all on matters of personal significance. One kind of freedom is just as important as the other. When we are free, We are free to not join the religion of those about us even when they urge that we do; we are free to not share the same interests of those about us even when they urge that we do; we are free to not have beliefs that conform to those about us even when they become unsettled by our beliefs; and, we are free not share in the tastes of anyone else, even when our different tastes cause others to doubt their own tastes. Unless we have the freedom to not do, the freedom to do will always cause us to remain just half free.

  • Each nation creates its own myths of what has been and fantasies of what will be so that its citizens might be more willing to defend and die for their nation.

  • Censorship should begin and end with oneís own attention span, and we should not be concerned about the attention spans of others regarding any material.

  • Even though both political parties have right and left wings, like the bird, they are only used to get the middle to where it wants to go.

  • We tend to be liberal on matters where others must yield and conservative when it comes to matters where we must yield.

  • Few are as frightening as those that are certain of their convictions and have the will and the power to impose those certainties on others.

  • Perhaps politicians really donít want to eliminate poverty, since those in need are the ones that are most readily enlisted to support any politician that promises them relief, no matter how many times in the past the promise was made and left unfulfilled.

  • It must be fun to be congressmen where you seem to be dealt cards that are all jokers and the jokers are wild.

  • Since ignorance of the law is no excuse, it is easy to see why there are so many laws that we are ignorant of; it gives power to the government to apply its power arbitrarily.

  • America has less to fear from the explosions of terrorists than the implosion of the freedoms that could be lost from the fears that terrorists cause within each of us.

  • The modern world should be thankful that the environmentalists werenít around at the time of the Tyrannosaurus rex.


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