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  • Prayer doesn’t require words, but it does require a heart at one with God, the same that a loved one will know of our love even when no words are spoken.

  • We shouldn’t depend on God using the double-entry bookkeeping system.

  • Religion isn’t something that is reserved for Sunday mornings. That is theology. Religion is and will always be part of our every act and our every thought. Those that disagree, probably do so without recognizing that their religion probably is of Self.

  • In the Old West, a cowboy’s guns often had to be left with the sheriff before entry into town. A similar thing occurs when entering a house of worship in that reason and intellect must be abandoned at the door in order to accept the theologies offered inside.

  • Faith is hope that has been nourished by belief.

  • Many pray with the most sincere request for guidance, and then imagine that every subsequent impulse is a message sent from God. Perhaps this is true, but when the impulse indicates violence, or harm in any way to another, we should suspect that God was not the author.

  • To know of another’s religion, ignore their words and study their acts.

  • The near meaningless terms of right and wrong are easily revealed as such by just asking someone that uses those terms to explain what they mean by them using only words that refer to what can be verified to exist.

  • There are many things that if we believe we have them, we will soon have what we believe: freewill, the value of living, and happiness are examples.

  • In some ways, the spirit world is like something on the other side of a glass window; in that something is clearly there even if our bodies are unable to travel there.

  • Great evils are heaped on the world by doctrines that claim the evil of birth control. Time will reflect on this doctrine as being an even greater evil than were the Crusades and Inquisitions, as millions now and in the future become doomed to squalor and the desperation of day to day living brought on by preventable over-population.

  • One of life’s greatest joys is in sharing the hidden beauty of life that often seems made by God for us alone.

  • No citizen should ever have any concern as to the religion or non-religion of another unless those beliefs start being imposed upon them, either directly or indirectly, by being camouflaged as laws.

  • Confession is the conscience’s cathartic.

  • If we would examine our prayers carefully, we would find that they reveal more about us than our direct attempts at understanding do.

  • Generally the less we know of something the greater the variety of ideas about it, which helps explain why the world overflows with various theologies.

  • When God gives man answers to man’s questions, they won’t come through the clouds but through man.

  • There probably has never been a God-inspired group; as God doesn’t hold conference calls but grants private meetings only.

  • Everyone has a religion but not necessarily one that is recognized as such for one can hold as supreme: Reason, or Knowledge, or Mankind, or even Atheism.

  • Those that find fault with God because He permitted so many dreaded maladies to plague mankind have no way of knowing how many more much worse maladies were eliminated. Besides without things that cause death, mankind would be overwhelmed by the aged of all of the past centuries.


  • Since slavery is now prohibited in America, it is safe to assume that I own me, but do I?

  • If I own me, shouldn’t I be permitted to do whatever I want with me as long as whatever I do harms no one else? Logic says yes while our laws say no.

  • If I own me, shouldn’t I be the one to say what I’m worth to me? Logic says yes while our laws say no.

  • If we have separation of church and state, shouldn’t our laws avoid dictating religious beliefs? Logic says yes while our laws say no.

  • If we deem it cruel to let an animal suffer when it in agony and has no hope of recovery, shouldn’t a human be allowed equal protection from cruelty? Logic says yes while our laws say no.

  • If by any standard that is used to determine mental competency, I’m deemed mentally competent, shouldn’t I be allowed to decide about my continued existence? Logic says yes while our laws say no.

  • The tyranny of theologies, once implemented into our laws, has throughout history, and probably will throughout the foreseeable future, weigh down on mankind’s existence with outrages such as this. At this time a person must suffer unbearably and without any hope of recovery, because of theological beliefs that have corrupted some of our laws; laws that bear no relationship to mankind’s humanity to his fellow humans.


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