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  • If one must have enemies, pray that they are smart. With a foolish enemy, planning to thwart his effort is fruitless, as the fool may do the completely irrational and succeed because of so doing.

  • Few things are as sobering, and at the same time liberating, as realizing that one’s future depends almost entirely upon one’s self and chance.

  • It is easy to appear brave when the loss, or the possibility of losing, is much less than others may suppose.

  • There are some that seem as though life’s greatest pleasures come from constant complaining.

  • There are enough stars that we each could have a billion stars named after every human with many billions left over for several future generations to do the same.

  • Perhaps tomorrow never comes, but it also never goes away.

  • Some wear their humility like a neon sign.

  • Few are more dangerous than those that have lost all hope.

  • Why is there more allure in talking about the failings of another than there is in talking about the successes of another?

  • If computers are so powerful, why do they need us in order to just reproduce?

  • No one has ever discovered a glue that can mend a broken trust.

  • What seems like skill and effort, in what we do, will inescapably seem like luck to others.

  • Do you suppose that a cynic regards his cynicism as being genuine?

  • Most of those that speak so loudly of equality will act quite differently to those they feel are below them than they will to their peers and to those that they feel are above them. Equality, if it ever happens, will only come when these vocal proponents of equality practice what they preach.

  • If you travel one thousand miles east, then a thousand miles north, then a thousand miles west, then a thousand miles south and arrive at the exact same starting point, then you started five hundred miles south of the equator.


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