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  • The fact that the future isnít predictable isnít a reason to plan as though it were.

  • The only critic worth taking seriously is your dog.

  • One should learn to easily accept defeat on small matters, but only call a "timeout" on matters of great significance.

  • We should never censure others for mistakes that are merely a natural part of living, any more than we should censure rain on a picnic.

  • Killing time is suicide by increments.

  • One of the best ways to develop new ideas is to explore old ideas critically.

  • What a different world we would have if only we feared our fears as much as we love our loves.

  • Criticisms most often flow from those that can not do as well. Even those that do better can never know what those that are criticized will do later if encouraged instead.

  • Some things that we can ingest without limit and without concern about weight gain are ideas.

  • One should never mistake an open mouth for an open mind.

  • It is said "That a word to the wise is sufficient." But, a million words to the unwise are insufficient.

  • There are those that think that beliefs will produce desirable results without action. There are those that think that action will produce desirable results without beliefs. Though each may occur, the most probable way is when actions are coupled with beliefs.

  • If you lie, you need to remember two things, but If truthful, only one.

  • Few things are as predictive of success as is going the opposite direction of the many.

  • Seeking years without tears is to be found only in tears without years.

  • There can never be a winner or loser when two honestly disagree over a moral principle.

  • If we require that others only affirm us and never negate us, we place the yoke of dishonesty on them if they are to remain near us, and they should never be trusted in their affirmations.

  • Nurture the child that only wants to color outside of the lines.

  • No foe is so difficult or any victory as sweet as when we have conquered ourselves to become free.

  • There are very few objectives in life that are unattainable if one becomes fully committed to that end; failure to achieve that objective, lies not with oneís inability to do so, but is usually caused by oneís diffusing efforts towards multiple objectives, all of which may never be attained.

  • One is under no moral obligation to honor a commitment when the other party has first clearly violated the commitment; to continue honoring such is to place oneself under the arbitrary rule of another.

  • Many would prefer the certainty of not succeeding, by not trying, rather than take the painful route, of exposing themselves to the possibility of success at the risk of knowing that their best failed.

  • If none of us ever put off until tomorrow what we can do today, weíd all have died yesterday.

  • Most interpersonal communications donít communicate information as much as they communicate the feeling of being accepted.

  • Change isnít optional, the direction of the change is.

  • The feeling of needing to compete with others is a reflection of the fear that others are either ahead or are about to become so; a person possessing self-confidence feels no need to compete because they understand that merely by doing oneís best that there will be higher performance if not being concerned by what others are doing.

  • To not remain calm in the presence of turmoil is to create further turmoil. To remain calm in the presence of turmoil permits the mind to find a way of escaping further turmoil.

  • Confidence is to bravado as truth is to hyperbole.

  • Trying to get the best of an argument is trying to get something that doesnít exist.


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