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  • Suppose two men fell overboard on a lake, and both had their pockets crammed with gold coins. Also suppose that one was a miser and the other was not a miser. Which one would likely survive? I would pick the one that was not a miser because he would be flexible enough to recognize that in certain circumstances, even air was more valuable than gold. The miser would eventually realize this too, but not until it was too late to get any air.

  • Having enough money is like the horizon in that as you approach it still remains just as far away.

  • Those that spend as much as they can to enhance the present are in danger of not having enough to spend to sustain the future.

  • The decline of the dollar is so certain that perhaps the word risk doesn’t apply unless one wants to also say that there’s a risk of the Sun rising tomorrow morning.

  • It is foolish to enter into an agreement when the other party shows no likelihood of profiting.

  • Making “ends meet” is an interesting term in that when one does that you often have a zero.

  • It is strange how someone that goes bankrupt, owing a few million dollars, never misses a meal while the individual that has never had even a thousand dollars, and now has none, never knows where the next meal will come from.

  • Those that have the greatest need are those that are the most receptive to help. Therefore, those that want to take advantage of others always find their most willing victims among those that are the most needy.

  • Some are good at practicing thrift but are poor in its execution.

  • One of the best things about gaining wealth is the realization that having lots of money is not the same as having a lot of happiness.

  • Those that provide financial advice, while having undisclosed motives, are like those that would shoot craps with those that are blind.

  • It is said that the love of money is the root of all evil; but if so, then the absence of money is the whole tree of malevolence.

  • If our government keeps making the dollar worth less and less, eventually it will be worthless.

  • Investors are often told to learn all that they can before buying anything; however what most often happens is that one gathers much information but ends up choosing only that information that fits one’s own inclinations. In that case, more information is counterproductive to objective analysis.

  • Financial insecurity is the great robber of the ability to reason, making that person susceptible to influences of others.

  • One mistake that virtually all investors make is in not recognizing that value doesn’t exist within what is valued; rather value exists entirely within the mind that is doing the valuing. Markets function by poling those minds that do the valuing and nothing more. This is why it is so important to anticipate long-term future attitudes about those things that exist and will exist in the long-term. The word “exist” should be emphasized as it is the habit of many investors to primarily value those things that might exist, and in many cases value things that are impossible to exist, like a U.S. dollar that will gain buying power over the long-term.

  • Never in the history of the world has a currency owed so much to so many that will benefit so few as will the U.S. dollar.


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