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  • If one thinks of all the effort that they’ve expended to be what they are today; it is not improper to ask: "Am I worth it?"

  • It should be no more worrisome to be called a name that is untrue than it is to the rose when it is called a dahlia.

  • Some explain away what they do by saying "I had no choice"; but the only times we had no choice were at the moment of birth and death, and sometimes not even the latter. Between these two points alternate choices are always available whether we are aware of them or not.

  • When light passes through a prism, it separates white light into its various component colors. It is unfortunate that we don’t have a prism that we can pass our truths through so that we can discover their components. Were we able to do so, the nature of "truth" would be more nearly understood.

  • Old-age is like the horizon, the more we approach it, the more it recedes into the future.

  • There are those that believe that: "Knowledge is power".Since we believe that power tends to corrupt, shouldn’t it follow that knowledge tends to corrupt? It would seem therefore, that the most uncorrupted are those that are the most ignorant.

  • Men that hold back their emotions because they’re supposed to be "manly" are displaying dishonesty about what they are and cowardice in fearing the opinions of others.

  • There is no doubt that everything happens for a reason; and that reason is whatever happens.

  • We like to believe ourselves to be individuals; yet we tend to coalesce into groups of those like ourselves. We thus become a group of clichés merely pretending to be individuals.

  • In today’s culture, pride is considered a great virtue; and if pride is a virtue, it is a very treacherous and self-destructive one if not watched.

  • Perhaps we look too deeply in trying to find the meaning of life. Perhaps the meaning of life is merely life itself, and nothing more. What would we answer to the question: "What is the meaning of a dog?"

  • On many matters, our demand for delusions is so strong that no amount of verifiable proofs will dislodge even a splinter of these imaginings.


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Page 30 of  131

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