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  • When a nation provides a safety net for its citizens, we shouldn’t be surprised that risky behavior becomes more common.

  • In trying to bridge the chasm between nations, it will probably be more fruitful to bridge with emotions, as it is likely that our emotions vary little between nations even though those things that cause the same emotion may vary greatly. That we can bridge the chasm with art and music is apparent. To bridge the gap with our intellect is much more difficult since almost every facet of intellect will vary vastly between nations and even within the same nations at different times.

  • Arbitrary enforcement of a law leads to arbitrary law abiding and eventually to the total disregard of that law.

  • When a game is made-up, rules are made to determine what is fair and unfair; however in life, there are those that constantly rail about things being unfair to one group or another. The problem is that those that rail are the ones that make-up the rules to then judge others. Life is far from a game, and there can be no rules of fairness or unfairness except by pretending.

  • Casting ballots on the internet has the possibility of doing the maximum harm to the principle of the secret ballot, as it is certain that there will be those in many households that will determine and control how others will vote. Internet balloting has the power to be the most corrupting of influences in a democracy that calls itself free.

  • Inflation is most apparent when buying politicians as the cost of buying one now is getting out of reach of mere mortals.

  • It is usually those nations that fear their own weaknesses that go about destroying the strengths of others.

  • Congress doesn’t set budgets, it lays them; that way they make less of a bump when they go over them.


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