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  • Discovery of foolishness in another should not surprise, since we are all fools in varying degrees.

  • Those that are secure in their beliefs, have no demand to be surrounded by those believing the same. Rather it is the insecure that are driven by the desire to convince others about the errors of their ways.

  • The mellowing of men that comes with years, may have less to do with increased wisdom and more to do with decreased testosterone.

  • There are few that are retarded that are wise, but there are many that are bright that are fools.

  • For personal integrity, it is better to be disliked for whom we are, than to be liked for whom we imitate.

  • Even hypochondriacs get sick and die.

  • Sometimes when you can't see light at the end of the tunnel, it's only because it's nighttime. Just wait till the sun comes up in the morning.

  • Even the most irrational person is sometimes more rational than those that lead.

  • Nothing victimizes a person or a people more, than their belief that they are victims.

  • Most of mankind's fears tend to fade when illuminated by the cold flame of knowledge.

  • Shallowness of thought is the main cause of verbal incontinence.

  • Abuse, following the acquisition of power, follows as surely as does the tail of a coin following the head. Total exceptions of this in an individual are so rare, that over time it is wondered if such a person ever existed.

  • Whenever we start feeling important, we need to remember that all those that are, and all those that were and will be, are only shallow footprints in the sand on the shores of time.

  • If anyone is insecure about their health, they avoid those that might have contagious diseases that are different from their own. If anyone is insecure about their beliefs; they avoid those that have that have contagious beliefs that are different from their own.

  • An aspiration is more likely attained through perspiration than inspiration.

  • Never concern yourself by the judgments of others, because in the long run their judgments will be unimportant compared to the judgments you make of yourself.

  • How can anyone drive us crazy unless we yield to them the steering wheel?

  • Those that envy, if denied hope for what they envy, will seek to destroy what they envy, and if unable to do this, will seek, by some means, to destroy those that possess what they envy.

  • Creativity probably exists in abundance within each of us, but like an aquifer, it must be tapped in order to irrigate for the needs of all.

  • To what extent we can genuinely understand ourselves in the present; to that extent we can understand others in the past as well as in the future.

  • In a very real sense we have all been hitchhikers on the road of life, depending upon the kindness of others to enable us to reach our destinations. None of us started behind the steering wheel and all by ourselves determined what we would or would not become.

  • One of our greatest blessings is to be thankful for being aware of all that we have to be thankful for.

  • It is disquieting at times to wonder if the day after we cease to exist whether the world will continue as though we never left and even perhaps as though we never were.

  • Those that persist in imitating others are in danger of forgetting who they are and how to find their way back to where they left themselves.

  • Three words that are almost never heard in the following sequence are: “I was wrong.” Unless we think of ourselves being correct much more than others, 50% of the time this statement is true and should be said.

  • We need to be careful whom we tell to abide by their consciences, as apparently with some this would permit anything.

  • We all believe that we know ourselves, but if most of us just stop and think for a minute, we’ll discover that most of what we know, that we call ourselves, is little more than our fears and desires; this is like knowing the content of a gift by its wrappings.

  • Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge; it would seem that it would all depend upon what is being imagined and whether imagining was all that one did.

  • Few things are as immediately destructive to success as is the belief that one is invincible; that one has it “in the bag”, or that the problem, two steps ahead, is going to be the real challenge.

  • We clearly acknowledge that those in want will never be happy, yet our culture breeds wanting followed by acquisitions as a sure route to happiness.

  • One thing that won’t give us indigestion when swallowed is pride; plus doing so is nutritious to the growth of our inner beings instead of causing others to shrink.


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