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  • Common sense is an oxymoron at best, a delusion at worst.

  • It is not sadness, but beauty to: look at everything, listen to everything, smell and taste everything, and feel everything, as though that will be the last time to ever do so. Sometime this will be so.

  • It is also true that the early worm gets the bird.

  • The belief that we must always conform to society is evidence that the chains of bondage are now linked to the prisons in our minds.

  • It is impossible to know what is impossible; we can only know what we have tried.

  • The mere fact that we can reach out and touch someone should neither be applauded nor condemned, because even a gun can reach out and touch someone. Itís the quality of the touch that counts.

  • To disagree when in opposition to a popular belief, is like having oneís views swept away by a swift river. But to agree with a popular belief when in disagreement, is like having oneís integrity swept away by the same swift river. It is better to lose oneís views than oneís integrity.

  • It may be that old dogs canít learn new tricks, but it is certain that young dogs can learn any "trick", such as superstitions, prejudices, irrational beliefs, and hatreds.

  • Some believe that they must become poorer if others prosper. This is like believing that as a tree grows, the earth must become poorer.

  • Bemoaning Americaís diversity of, race, religion, ethnic origins and regional customs, is like being upset because a cake isnít made of just flour.

  • Yesterday, as well as tomorrow, can always be found inside of today.

  • "Equality" always seems like a worthy goal if we never question the quality of that equality. Would we really want equality if that meant that we were all starving equally?

  • Donít believe everything youíre told, especially what you tell yourself.

  • Perfection, like many things, always seems to lie just beyond the bend.

  • How can anyone claim to be free, or even claim to know what freedom is, when all theyíve ever known is to daily submit to the tyranny of the paternal twins of fear and desire?

  • Every forward stride in science seems to step on fingers that are tenaciously clinging to comforting irrationalities.

  • Doesnít it seem strange that we regard becoming disillusioned as being negative? Does that mean that depending upon illusions is a preferable state?


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Page 4 of  131

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