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  • Deny a child the opportunity to fail and its consequences, and you tend to create tomorrow’s liberal.Permit a child to fail with all its consequences, and you tend to create tomorrow’s conservative.

  • We should never confuse freedom with freedom of choice. Choices are always constrained. Even the person that is forced to dig his own grave is still free to refuse. Freedom is only the feeling, perhaps even the delusion, of having no constraints regarding choices.

  • Those that demand political correctness are tyrants that hold onto their beliefs as if they were universal and absolute truths to be imposed on everyone else. Hope for the time when we can recognize that these tyrants are politically incorrect.

  • Politician’s promises are like "XXX" at the bottom of a letter, perhaps better than nothing, but a very poor substitute for the real thing.

  • Populism offers the seductive promise of a better world, and it always will, just like the always receding pot-of-gold at the end of a rainbow.

  • How can a people be considered free that has not been made aware of their options? If not aware, then they are enslaved by ignorance.

  • Censorship is to liberty, as raping is to virginity.

  • Liberals are liberal in taking capital, which was earned by others, and sending it to those that didn’t. Conservatives are conservative about hanging on to what they earned and ignoring those in need. Liberals are conservative about changes that don't benefit their own goals. Conservatives are liberal about changes that benefit their own goals.

  • "Political Correctness" is a new form of tyranny, disguised as a deity that was sent to reform mankind.

  • Some seem to think that economics works like a teeter-totter, in that if the most affluent are brought down, the least affluent will be brought up. In attempting this, in the long term, the teeter-totter usually breaks, and both are brought down.

  • Socialism is like a street hooker in that both seem more promising than what they deliver, and both may yield unhappy consequences.

  • Everyone knows that politicians are false when they say their decisions aren't political, but we react as though we believe that somehow politicians' are either angels sent to enrich us, or devils sent to destroy us.

  • Those that seem proud of always voting straight Democratic or Republican ballots seem to value their neuroses and prejudices more highly than their reason.


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