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  • That privately owned firearms are used to kill people should be expected. Long before firearms and to this very day, religion has been used to kill many more. Perhaps religions should also be banned?

  • None are as arrogant as those that believe that they are competent to judge God.

  • A rational thought requires no passion. It is the irrational thought that requires the strongest passion in order to imprison that thought as a truth.

  • Those that are secure in their beliefs, have no demand to be surrounded by those believing the same. Rather it is the insecure that are driven by the desire to convince others about the errors of their ways.

  • Death may be only the divine recall of a defective product.

  • Many seem to believe that their membership in a religion is like being a member of a tour group. All they need to do is to be sure and get aboard the bus named "Destination Heaven".

  • If there is no God, then the significance of each of us to the Universe is no more than is a grain of sand.

  • Many reject God once they find out that He isn't a Humanist.

  • God is not the servant of man, to be summoned by prayer to fulfill our wishes.

  • As a country reserves the right to issue passports for their citizens to travel afar; many religions believe that they have the sole right to decide who travels to Heaven, and who travels to Hell.

  • If anyone is insecure about their health, they avoid those that might have contagious diseases that are different from their own.If anyone is insecure about their beliefs, they avoid those that have contagious beliefs that are different from their own.

  • Often, personal tastes are perceived as divine imperatives to be imposed upon others.

  • For anyone to regard a picture of the human body as pornographic is rather like regarding the Sistine Chapel's ceiling as graffiti.

  • Prayers are the invisible letters sent to "Whom" (we hope) might be concerned.


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