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  • When we tell others that which we know that they already know, we arenít trying to inform; weíre trying to coerce.

  • Every criticism whittles confidence from the soul of another.

  • It is said that time changes everything; but if we let time do its bidding without our input, few would welcome the change.

  • Those that knowingly provide temptation to others are as guilty as those that succumb.

  • One could prevent a year of boredom by just trying to figure out how we move a finger.

  • When our silence implies agreement when there is none, our absence of words speaks a lie.

  • The chattering about our personal affairs fills the air with words and the brains with voids.

  • New ideas should be spread like seeds sown in the spring. After a while each seed thinks the idea to sprout was its own.

  • Falling in love is our soaring to our highest state of being.

  • Why give strength to lifeís perils by pretending in their nonexistence?

  • If a life is to be judged, judge it by where it ends and not where it started.

  • Instead of "seizing the day", most would be better off by seizing rational thought.

  • Moral cowardice in our leaders lays the foundation for the moral decay of any society.

  • In todayís world, it takes courage to move ahead even though there may be even greater danger in standing still; because the familiar is generally more comfortable than the unknown.

  • Conscience often whispers to us to say "No" when ambition shouts at us to say "Yes!"

  • The best way to have original ideas is to have lots of ideas that initially seem absurd.

  • Anger, like flatulence, is best expressed solo.

  • Many, and perhaps most disagreements when analyzed, are only over matters of taste of which there can neither be right nor wrong.

  • The nonconformist arouses doubts within the conformists as to the certainty of what they believe they are.

  • Of what use is freedom of thought and freedom of speech unless one is willing to think and speak differently?

  • Anyone that is willing to die for a belief must find that the reason for believing lacks reason.

  • Thereís no problem placing square pegs in round holes, and vice-versa; all you have to do is either enlarge the hole or reduce the size of the peg. So it is with much of life.

  • Mankindís supremacy on the Earth is unchallenged, and the arrogance that comes from this recognition will eventually lead, as does all arrogance, to the ruin of its owner. Is this supremacy or idiocy?

  • To defy authority is most often an invitation for authority to impose its will harshly on those that defy; to oppose without defiance most often produces change without retribution.

  • When we work to get money to buy things of little or no lasting value, we are taking a part of our lives and trading it for nothing.


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