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  • Seldom are there shortcuts to success. Almost always, the shortest distance between where you are now and where you want to be is the straightest of straight lines.

  • Those that believe that optimism is a virtue and pessimism a fault, fail to take into account what is forthcoming. It is wise to be a pessimist and prepare for an adversity if in fact adversity arrives. It is foolish to be an optimist and not prepare for adversity should it arrive.

  • It seems mystical how individuals seem to feel anointed by merely shaking the hand of a celebrity or even by just seeing that person. Itís though the greatness of another is somehow a contagion that can be caught and remain a chronic condition until oneís death.

  • Any through examination of evolution shows that the most able are the ones that survive. There is no reason to believe that any particular race is to be the surviving race, or that any particular mixture of races will be. Instead of trying to obstruct another race, attention should be spent improving oneís own race and let evolution do the sorting. It will decide any way, with or without our permission.

  • Believing in immortality is really a self-centered confession that we canít comprehend how the future can get along without our highly valued presence somewhere in the Universe.

  • Miracles will never find their way to those that believe that they donít exist. Even if one should, the non-believer would invent some other explanation. This is because they hold their beliefs of what isnít, as strongly as they hold their beliefs in what is.

  • Many, of what we call absurdities, are unintentionally closer to the truth than many of the beliefs to which we cling.

  • We really shouldnít say "I think, therefore I am," What we should say is "I think, therefore there is a brain." The rest is still in question.

  • When a gold prospector makes a find, he lays claim to the site and has it recorded for his development. But, we have claims that we make about what we really are, that contains no gold and are usually the claims made by others. Only by prospecting in the vast unexplored self within each of us, can we claim to anything that is truly ours.

  • Genealogy is the attempt to determine our answers based upon the absurd assumption that mothers were always 100% faithful to their husbands and those children werenít adopted secretly.


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Page 31 of  131

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