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  • The government has an index to estimate the change in the cost of living called the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which is used to increase various benefits in proportion to inflation, but it is only a matter of time until they have the COW Index (Cost Of Wanting Index) to accommodate our not being merely satisfied with just living.

  • The only place where autocratic rule should exist is in “The Kingdom of One’, but alas most often it is never found there at all even though that is where it is most needed.

  • Witch hunters will always be with us, if only in hibernation, waiting for something to occur that they can brand “evil”, and pursue the destruction of with all of their indignant self-righteousness.

  • A nation will prosper as long as the collective wisdom of its people greatly exceeds its collective foolishness.

  • To many, religious freedom means that other religions will be tolerated as long as those religions appear on their list of acceptable religions.

  • As age reduces our sexual drives what is regarded as pornography increases proportionally.

  • Tyrannies at every level arise from those that have unquestioned certainties and the power to implement them.

  • Darwin was correct about the evolution of the species in that those species most able to change are the most likely to survive and those least able to change are the first to become extinct. The same principles are also applicable to institutions, whether they are political, religious, or commercial. The more resistant they are to change, the more probable their early extinction.

  • Our founding fathers made laws that now give us 535 members of Congress, 9 members of the Supreme Court, and only one President; this serves as testimony to the fact that the executive body of our country would act ineffectively if presided over by a group, even a group of only two.

  • Of course it’s “my country, right or wrong”, but do we approve of it as much when it’s wrong as when it’s right?

  • Anyone or anything that moves us away from that which is true is a corruption regardless of whether the act was intentional or not, whether performed by a religious leader, a political leader, parent, spouse, friend, or enemy.

  • One of our basic freedoms is the freedom to disagree with anyone on any subject, and the freedom to agree with everyone on every subject.

  • Those that hold their theological beliefs to be their highest values will probably have no trouble in sacrificing the rights of others, and perhaps no trouble in sacrificing the others as well.

  • Space exploration is interesting and expensive and quite possibly a waste of money; the most important space to explore that would be productive of what we need the most of, is the space that is supposedly filled with our brains.

  • The citizens of any nation are made or kept immature by the possibility of being rewarded in lawsuits where they blame others for what they should have been responsible for in preventing.

  • Those that believe themselves to be free will never be free from the certain threat that will arise from those that are not free.

  • Unjust laws become ignored which eventually gives the public enough practice for ignoring the just law.


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