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  • There are those that believe that we should willingly accept suffering in order for us to somehow be cleansed and purified. Not to worry, suffering will come sufficiently without its being sought, and in quantities enough to satisfy all but the masochist.

  • The freedom that democracy provides, gives each person the right to choose what kind of taskmaster they will have, be it economic, social, theological, ignorance, or the paternal twins named fear and desire. Some will not choose any and will remain free.

  • It is our vanity that causes us to ask God: "What did I do to deserve a certain hardship?Ē, but to not ask the same after receiving a blessing.

  • Those identified as being immoral, would pay more attention to religious criticisms if they would only stop having so much fun long enough to do so.

  • We should pray to be spared the effects of misguided goodness, for evil often exists within. We would more benefit from misguided evil, for no other reason than that we will be alerted to the evil intent and be wise enough to extract only that which benefits.

  • Those that donít believe in God might be relieved to hear that itís probably reciprocal.

  • Without a genuine thankfulness for the blessings received, a scarcity of future blessings should be expected.

  • Many are prevented from sinning for fear of botching just one more thing.

  • Perhaps there really are holy wars, but only if the aggressor worships the Devil.

  • If God should ever have any fear, it would be that the virtues of his final creation will exist in word only.

  • Religions that try to only increase their kind with more of their kind, and also reject other religions, are intellectually incestuous, tending to produce aberrations and decay from within themselves.

  • Censorship is most often the prudish claiming to know what the thoughts should be of the non-prudish. How would the prudish like it if the non-prudish would start claiming to know what the thoughts should be of the prudish?

  • At times it seems as though the Universe wasnít created by God, but by a committee.

  • The reason that we donít call beliefs by the name ďfactĒ is clear evidence that we suspect that they are not the same.

  • Those that tend to believe that God is only found in a house of worship, must believe that there are ďNo TrespassingĒ signs to the rest of the world that are barring Godís exit.

  • To assume that Godís embrace isnít wide enough to welcome all of those that are pure of heart, regardless of their religions, places an unlikely limitation on Godís understandings.

  • The world should wonder what kind of people would take pride in their willful destruction of women and children and then believe that for so doing they will receive special entitlements from God.

  • Dogma erects an invisible cage around us, limiting where we can go and dictating what we must do within that cage.

  • It is safe to say that God doesnít regard cleanliness as being next to godliness, but perhaps soap manufactures do.

  • Those that oppose genetic engineering would also have been the ones that urged God to rest on the sixth day instead of the seventh.

  • Faith is only having beliefs that can neither be verified as true nor false. Faith describes something that is within the faithful and nothing that is without.

  • Some church congregations are but mobs on their knees.

  • There are those that aspire to Heaven that would be disappointed to find that certain others arrived there also.

  • It would seem that if all religion could somehow be eliminated, then most wars might cease; but it is likely that mankind would just find something else to fight over. Until that time, I suppose, weíll just have to stick to religion as a justification for killing.

  • Isnít it frightening to think that you might have to spend an eternity with many of those that you know on Earth?

  • There are those that seem to have their greatest pride about those beliefs that most contradict reason and show the most evidence to the contrary.

  • Doesnít it seem strange that in some religions, those that tell others how to live their daily lives are very the ones that have been the longest sequestered away from normal life?

  • Perhaps evolution can explain most of what we are, but it is difficult to see how the universal love of music evolved from a world that contained no music. It is as though God made a special blessing for each of us, that He presented when graduating to become Homo sapiens.

  • No passion to do evil is ever as strong as the passion within those that believe that they act on the behalf of God in whatever they decide to do.

  • Unless one believes that God is hard of hearing, the hosannas of the individual are heard as well as those of the throng.

  • Is it evidence of an emerging religion when we see signs that claim to honor certain credit cards instead of merely accepting them?


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