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  • It has been said that anything worth doing has already been done. This may be true, but this isn’t a reason to not develop worth in something that hasn’t been done.

  • It may be blessed to forgive, but it is godly to never have accused in the first place.

  • Freedom of action is limited by nature and governments. Freedom of thought is limited by habit and fear.

  • Listen carefully to the words of an enemy, for the enemy will disclose valuable truths about you that your friends will either overlook or hide.

  • It is a waste of time to wish to go back and prevent yesterday’s calamity, for this is a wish that even God is denied.

  • We should always beware of those that say that they are trying to save humanity from anything. Rather, what they are trying to save is their hope of rising above those that pay them heed.

  • The best way to turn the direction of a people is to turn their ears.

  • If you want to become an expert, choose a field in which there are the fewest facts. Unfortunately, this also where one finds the greatest number of "experts".

  • Never tell another that which you wouldn’t want printed on the front page of your newspaper.

  • Few things so create happiness in others than letting them know how happy they have made you.

  • If you will just ignore your health, don’t worry; it’ll go away on its own.

  • If we want to maximize the world with fools, we need to protect them from the consequences of their acts.

  • Those that neglect learning when they are young but attempt to compensate much later will be like a house-painter that tries to put a primer-coat of paint on a house after it has already been painted.

  • As a rotten apple can spoil a barrel of apples, only one lie can spoil the believability of someone that is otherwise truthful.

  • If we want children to aspire to greatness, they must learn of the great individuals that preceded them.

  • Creativity comes from seeing differently that which others have seen the same.

  • In a situation, when another asks our opinion regarding what that person has done, and we don’t like it, should we be truthful and risk offending or lie and run the risk of being revealed as a liar? If we are truthful, future affirmations will be of greater value. If we lie, future affirmations may be less so. If truthfulness is intolerable to another, can a relationship endure except at the most superficial level?

  • Defeat only comes to those that accept it.

  • We, individually, are like drops of rain that fall to earth, perhaps capable of ending a draught or becoming part of a flood.

  • We run many risks by standing still.

  • Making a mistake is often the way to making a discovery.

  • If we plant carrots, we shouldn’t expect to pull up turnips; but, perhaps we might not pull up carrots either.

  • When we carry a stone to a summit to make the mountain higher, we need to remember the millions that made the mountain.

  • People usually mean only half of what they say unless what they say is mean; then it’s 100%.

  • It is as difficult to “unspoil” spoiled milk as it is to “unspoil” a spoiled child.

  • It is not enough to walk a mile in another’s shoes; you must also climb the same mountain in those same shoes.

  • One thing that we create before arriving where it will be, is our destiny.

  • Reality doesn’t know how to reciprocate when ignored.

  • Actions do speak louder than words, but they are sounds for the eyes.

  • The best advice is to render none.

  • Those that agree with one another do so for what they overlook. Those that disagree with one another do so for what they won’t overlook.


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