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  • Most of us believe that failure is worse than success. This may be true if one is referring to an entire life, but on a smaller scale, and very often, our failures work out better than had we succeeded.

  • If misunderstandings could be weighed against understandings, misunderstandings would crush the scale.

  • There are those that claim to have no faith, yet they continue to eat in restaurants.

  • The demand for truth is very high as long as long as the truths reinforce old delusions.

  • We know that seeing is believing (usually); but often,- believing is seeing: believing is hearing; believing is tasting; believing is smelling; and believing is feeling. Our beliefs create a world of their own, affecting all of our senses.

  • To a very large extent, we are only as disabled as we believe our selves to be; and we are only as enabled as we believe our selves to be.

  • Some people probably do know all the answers; the problem is they just donít know what questions to apply them to.

  • There is no doubt that there are some history records that are truthful in detail; but, we can never be certain which they are. History should be looked upon as the opinions of those of an earlier time, or what they wanted those of a later time to believe.

  • Many of those that disapprove of homosexuality, probably disapprove secretly of heterosexuality too, and perhaps sexuality of any sort even between plants.

  • Reality seems different to different people, and for these, reality may seem a matter of opinion. Actual reality doesnít care if all or none cast their votes in its favor, as actual reality existed before opinions and will exist long after all opinions have ceased to be.

  • As a child, my grandparents often said how different today was than they had expected. As a child, many predicted what the future would be like; and they were no more successful than my grandparents.One of lifeís greatest certainties is that our certainties of the future will be little like what we believe today.

  • Truth doesnít necessarily increase merely because an argument is won.


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Page 32 of  131

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