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  • It is natural to abhor war and prefer that violence never occurs, but it is fantasy to believe that the kind of life we in America have would exist in the absence of war and violence.

  • If everyone else in our country despised the words of just one person, the government should have no more right to suppress those words than the right to suppress the objections of everyone else to those words of objection.

  • Laws are little more than just the rules of the game that we must play, either fairly or unfairly.

  • Why does government assume the right to declare what individuals can do to themselves unless the government first puts itself into the role of caretaker when the foolish individual is intentionally harmed by self?

  • It is doubtful that our democracy could last twenty years without freedom of the press; that this freedom results in abuse of that right is no reason to curtail that freedom any more than it would be to curtail eating because of the constipation and obesity that occasionally occurs.

  • Freedom without responsibility is like a zoo’s tiger without constraints.

  • When it comes to politics, it is safe to rely on the certainty that politicians, representing the demands of their electorate, will always be willing to injure the next generation for the benefit of the present generation.

  • When a government pursues the ultimate protection for its citizens, that government reduces their freedoms and comes closer and closer to imprisoning them in subtle ways.

  • Those that favor censorship show that they don’t trust others as much as they trust their own judgment about others.

  • Public servants are uniformly outraged when anything challenges their authority, authority being a codeword for power.

  • Liberty comes not without its problems; if we are free, we have the right to be law abiding or not; the fact that we have so many in prisons is perhaps a measure of the liberty that is given to each citizen at birth. If this is true, criminality is but a small societal price to pay for the liberty enjoyed by the remainder of us.

  • President Clinton was often called the Teflon president because so many of the accusations directed at him wouldn’t stick; perhaps a better name for him would have been the Lazarus president for his ability to continually arise from political death and resume normal activities.

  • Rights that are taken from citizens by their governments are seldom returned intact except by force.


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