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  • We are more likely to permit the entry of a beautiful fantasy than a plain or unpleasant truth. In these cases, we can say that beauty is only words deep.

  • Fanaticism is most often found in those with theological leanings because their beliefs canít be tested objectively, and therefore, all extremes and perversions are conceivable.

  • Genetic engineering is evolution presented with directions.

  • Whether in politics, investing, religions, or personal dealings, beware of those that step forward to offer you their protection

  • No freewill exists for those that freely deny its existence.

  • It is obvious that the mess the world is in today, and has been for as long as we know, is the product of beliefs that have failed in producing the ideals most of us want. Why then do we so jealously guard those beliefs as necessary for our future?

  • Those that claim that things are right or wrong by decree, whether of themselves, government, or God, have just proclaimed that reason is alien to them.

  • The collective beliefs of mankind are incapable on their own of creating a single bit of reality other than its own beliefs.

  • Theologies function very much like blinders that are put on horses to cause them to only look straight ahead at what is wanted, and to prevent the horse from looking aside at what wouldnít favor its owner.

  • No goodness is required of a person that does what is good to avoid Hell or for the rewards of Heaven; but goodness is to be found within those that do what is good only because it is good, and for nothing more.

  • To believe that the Universe was created for us is rather like the goldfish in our bowl believing that we were created for it.

  • Life is like all of us being in a parade with only the one Spectator.

  • Often the most regretted sins are those that were missed while young.

  • Some individuals learn to love their theories so much that observations as to validity seem superfluous even when those observations are easily made. The greatest harm comes when those theories are impossible to confirm but attractive to a mass of people to believe. When this happens great destruction is usually the result.

  • The pernicious effects of theologies are clearly evident in their efforts to sanction: what sex is permitted, when sex is permitted, whose sex is permitted, what positions of sex are permitted, and for what purpose sex is permitted.

  • Beware of advice about life that comes from those that have tasted so little of it.

  • There is a kind of onerous debt that God places upon some of us by providing so many unsolicited blessings that are impossible to be repaid in only one lifetime.

  • The opposite of theism is atheism; but the opponent of both is science. Science seeks to find ways to show the falsity of its propositions while theism and atheism only seek to confirm their propositions, no matter how much evidence may occur to indicate their errors.

  • Perhaps we would be less tolerant of the indignities done to us and to others if we didnít believe that there would be compensatory rewards after death.

  • We donít have to believe in God to explain our existence any more than we have to believe in a Super-God to explain Godís existence.

  • A celibate clergy is a very practical economic policy, as it makes it unnecessary to provide financial support for the wife and children.


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Page 32 of  67

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