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  • Should you ever "stumble over the truth", donít just leave it there. Pick it up and take it with you.

  • If ever "caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea" -swim like Hell.

  • The ideal time to start towards self-improvement is the day before tomorrow.

  • Many seem to believe that their rights exist not in the Constitution but in their yearnings.

  • As long as your work is speaking for itself, donít change the subject.

  • If loud-mouths are allowed to continue spewing their words, they invariably will get their ill-logic entangled with their tongues.

  • Defending the peace with war is like defending a forest by back-burning a portion to save the rest. There comes a time when both are needed.

  • If you must break a leg playing football, try to make sure that itís someone elseís.

  • Excess pressures of life are best prevented by our keeping our exhaust valves fully opened.

  • The most predictable way of uniting seemingly disparate groups is to wage aggression against all of them.

  • Traditions tend to console us into believing that things arenít changing even as the rut grinds deeper.

  • A favorable reputation is acquired by many laudable acts over a prolonged period, but can be lost in a moment by a single thoughtless act.

  • If you want to be lowered to the level of those that willingly did you harm, then seek revenge.

  • When ever something unexpected happens and we ask ourselves- "Why did that happen?" we are taking the first steps into scientific discovery.

  • To disclose, to another, a personal secret that must remain secret, is to give another lasting power over you that can only be eliminated by either public confession or the death of either.

  • Only fools argue with the silence of other.

  • It takes great courage to confess oneís many fears.

  • Being proud of oneís charity raises the question as to the motive of the giving.

  • Having confidence that others will do what they have promised, is the mortar that holds civilization together.

  • Bravery is the willingness to do that which is right in spite of dangers; dangerous acts that are done for applause are signs of a weakness not bravery.

  • In large measure, trying to understand another is like trying to read alphabet soup.

  • Every creative act poses a threat to those that are standing still.

  • One of the nicest things about dogs is that they never criticize, and from this we should learn.

  • Doubt before deciding; then act without doubt but with conviction.

  • Our commitments to others should, only in very rare circumstances, require a ďstop-payment orderĒ.

  • Self-exploration is like digging a hole; the deeper you dig, the more difficult it is to get the dirt out.

  • We enter college expecting to leave knowing everything from A to Z; but, if we have really been educated, then we graduate knowing that we only learned everything from A to B.


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