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  • Conscience sleeps until the body is tempted.

  • Our thoughts are more just a muddle of hunches until we attempt to write those "thoughts" down so that others can understand them.

  • Fear of disapproval works like a form of birth control in preventing the birth of new ideas.

  • One of the main reasons that we have trouble expressing reality with sentences is that sentences are linear while reality is three-dimensional.

  • Irrationality seems to be as contagious as influenza. If one primarily associates with those that are irrational; irrationality will become their way of thinking.

  • One of the greatest sources of unhappiness lies in our harboring beliefs that are in constant conflict with reality.

  • Power tends to corrupt the powerful while weakness tends to corrupt all.

  • Getting the most out of life involves our personal growth as much as our living involves our personal breathing.

  • Nothing so robs us as our fear of those things that can never be.

  • Love acts like a detergent that can blend oil into water. Love causes two to blend and become a near homogeneous one.

  • Freedom is being not subservient to another, and especially not to their opinions.

  • Love that is capable of ceasing is probably love that never was.

  • Whenever a person feels compelled to constantly repeat a behavior that never satisfied a longing, that behavior is an addiction.

  • Hatred will unify a people far more predictably than will love.

  • We can never know what we are in the scheme of life, because we all are like those that would seek to appreciate a large mosaic with only a magnifying glass.

  • Creativity is so fragile that it often can be destroyed just by a raised eyebrow.

  • It is a barren soul that is immune to suffering grief.

  • Although charity usually begins at home, it is usually difficult to free it from its habit.

  • It is hard to look up to someone thatís looking down on you.

  • Though we all go to sleep, and we often know when we do so, we never remember the exact moment when wakefulness becomes sleep even though we often have no trouble knowing the moment when sleep becomes wakefulness.

  • When another wins an argument with you, they have only won words while you have won a new point-of-view.

  • It always strikes me as strange to visit the grave of some well know individual and find that Iím the only one there; this was a person that others crowded to be near in life, but in death is left alone. Such is the fate of fame and glory; they tend to perish with the individual.

  • The chief object of gossip is very often the chief originator.

  • Adversity whips to life our hidden abilities and causes us to become more than we thought we were.

  • What does it tell us about ourselves that we become willing to buy anything once we are convinced the seller is losing money on the sale?

  • There is little doubt but that honesty pays; for many though, the payday to too far away.

  • Just because a little knowledge is a dangerous thing doesnít mean that no knowledge provides safety.

  • A lie passes by most safely when preceded by a vanguard of truths.

  • It is strange how the person that has the least knowledge about a subject is the person that seems most certain of what that knowledge is, or if not at least should be.

  • In many ways, we see much more clearly after our eyes start failing.

  • Any cause, no matter how harmful, if cleverly presented, can get countless youths willing to give up their lives for its attainment.

  • When one is feeling wretched and that life isnít worth living, one might reflect a while on graveyards. They are filled with those, that were they able, would gladly change places.

  • Even brain surgery will fail to open a closed mind.

  • The greatest impediment to getting individuals to think is their mistaken belief that any mental process is a thought; thought should be regarded as any controlled mental process. Without control, our mental processes wander, primarily between fears, desires, prejudices, and assorted other states of mind that are essentially emotional.


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