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  • If we could just become sufficiently ignorant, then we’d know everything.

  • Blushing doesn’t come to those that are comfortable with their nature.

  • Ignorance exacts a toll on all of our lives; but the greatest tolls generally flow from the false certainties that cause us to make major errors.

  • Those that somehow feel demeaned by needing to serve others, are trapped in a master-slave mindset; as it is no more demeaning to serve others than it is a sign of superiority to have others serve them. We can be neither superior nor inferior by believing ourselves to be so; as either belief is a delusion that separates us from the reality that we are all more capable than others in many ways and less so in many other ways.

  • It is improbable today that we base our futures only on reality, but that mankind eventually does so is inevitable if it survives the unrealities.

  • The nobility that is to be found in each of us is undiscoverable if we are unable to put aside our fears.

  • Who is to say that a philosophical point of view that enables us all to see life more clearly, is more important than a window washer that enables just one other person to look at the world more clearly for a few days?

  • If friendships are fragile, as many describe, it is difficult to see how any positive long term relationship can continue to exist in the presence of such danger of fracturing.

  • Many seem very concerned about what we’ve descended from, when we ought to be concerned about what we’re ascending into.

  • Whenever we say anything is impossible, we express no fact, only a hypothesis.

  • There are those that seem to believe that the laws of nature exist just so that matter will know how to behave.

  • Finding truth is like finding the combination of an unfamiliar safe; near infinite possibilities, but only one that works.

  • Whatever destiny is supposed to be, it isn’t a conveyer belt that we happened to land on which will deliver us to a predetermined place at the convenience of the Fates.


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Page 33 of  131

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