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  • Only a government would think that by making a law, that there would be general conformity to it. What we are left with, are laws that law abiding citizens adhere to while the non-law abiding citizens gain the advantage of less competition.

  • Since we are so poorly able to predict our futures, we should be extremely careful of the addition of Constitutional amendments. No one at the time of our adopting the Bill of Rights could have predicted that 200 years later that there would be assault weapons in possession of its citizens when the ultimate firearm at that time was the muzzle loading musket.

  • Perhaps everyone is equal in the eyes of the law if all sides have equal access to representation, otherwise such claims are pure blather intended only for the most naive.

  • We often criticize those that make policies by saying that they just donít understand; something that each of us should remember is when it comes to the future (which is what policies always deal with) that no one understands. The fact that we, individually, might have chosen a different policy is no assurance of either greater success or more calamitous failure.

  • When a nation or culture comes into being, most are united behind a common cause that succeeds because of its support; when a nation or culture becomes well developed, those that are present develop so many individual interests that efforts are dispersed and the nation or culture weakens.


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