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  • Those that believe that the age of miracles has long gone, need only look about to discover so many things that seem so improbable in their existence, as to be at least approximations of miracles if not actual miracles in themselves.

  • If God made man in his own image, it may be that God changed afterwards so that the similarities are now remote, but, perhaps it is only we that have changed in so many ways.

  • We should wonder if God makes any distinction between praying and a pleading.

  • Some seem to attend their houses of worship on the fear that God may be taking attendance like when they were in grade school.

  • If all that God wanted were a Heaven occupied by perfect and forgiven souls, He could have simply cut out all of the human stuff and just made them there. It seems that he wanted more than just that, but what?

  • Beliefs in oneís religion and political parties tend to be regarded as superior only because they are ours, in very much the same way that we believe in oneís own hometown sports teams.

  • Censorship is founded on a principle, held by most little minds, that the minds of most others are incapable of handling some matters as well as the censors can.

  • One of the reasons that fundamentalists accuse homosexuals of perverse choices is that they canít tolerate the possibility of Godís having made an error.

  • Nothing makes a belief so unassailable to reason, as does the desire that it be so.

  • Heresy is often the seed of tomorrowís beliefs and next yearís wisdom.

  • Perhaps those that claim that God is dead are hoping that God left them something in His will.

  • To choose to not be yourself, in an effort to be like others, is a rejection of Godís gift to each of us.

  • Those that dismiss the beliefs of others only because they canít be proven to exist have no trouble in acting as though they believe in tomorrow and plan for it.

  • If there is a Heaven that we can go to after dying, suppose that one doesnít like it; does it then become their hell?

  • Perhaps prayer is really a conversation in which we havenít yet learned how to listen.

  • There are many that cannot tolerate seeing an animal suffer yet seem glad that those, whose beliefs are different than their own, will suffer an eternity in Hell.

  • Why do those in the cathedral palaces of worship tell us that weíd be better in Godís eyes, if we would sell what we have and then give the money to the poor?

  • Itís no wonder that so many drift away from God and religion since most theologies proclaim that they are the religion.

  • Performing rituals is to religion as only reading a blueprint is to constructing a home.

  • It is easy to understand why God stopped creating and needed a rest immediately after making Adam and Eve, because they immediately started listening to a snake and disagreeing over a fruit.

  • Gods are multiplied by our desires and devils by our fears.

  • Where truth ends, belief begins. Where belief ends faith begins. Where faith ends there is only the black abyss.

  • After God gave man life, the book on how to live was, and still remains, a work in progress.

  • Nothing so oppresses mankind as does the certainty of its beliefs, and few things are as liberating as assuming all beliefs to be only assumptions held for the moment.

  • There are those that would not believe in God were He to appear immediately before them, because they would believe that no real god would do so. To these, nothing can be evidence of God, at least not while still living.

  • Did anyone ever wonder if God grades on a curve? There are those that seem to believe that if another gets high grades from God, that it somehow threatens their own graduation.


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