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  • Obituaries seem to assume that there are those that would be interested in knowing of our deaths when they may never have known that we were ever alive?

  • The right to receive charity isnít a right that can be earned; it canít be successfully demanded; nor can it be deserved because of circumstances. These are matters for public policies by government. True charity only develops in the mind of contributors because of their empathy for the recipients.

  • A critic is remembered only by relatives after death, while those criticized may be remembered long afterwards by many.

  • No one ever overate or became obese from too much ďfood for thoughtĒ.

  • Vacation movies and long-ago accomplishments bore all equally.

  • The pyramids of Egypt are used as examples of the durability of manís creations; but something else may turn out to be even more durable--the false beliefs that are so cherished by so many.

  • Most people will treasure you more for your ears than your brain.

  • Few enemies become friends, just as few worms become butterflies.

  • One of the cheapest things to sell is a promise. One of the most expensive things to buy may be anotherís promise.

  • It seems strange that when a person is accused of a crime, that he is called the alleged perpetrator; but after conviction we donít refer to the judgment as an alleging, even though it is only what twelve people now allege and nothing more.

  • Even the habitual liar sometimes slips up and tells the truth.

  • Honor is one thing that increases by being divided and shared.

  • The perennial hypochondriac can be considered terminally ill of nothing.

  • Words can be molded into deadly weapons that move the masses more predictably than will bayonets and clubs.

  • Beliefs tend to expand geometrically while facts tend to expand arithmetically. This explains why there are so very many more beliefs than supporting facts.


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