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  • There is no way to save time, as many claim they are doing; rather time must be spent as fast as it is acquired since it is the most perishable of all commodities.

  • Blaming science for what individuals do with science is like blaming religion for the violence that groups do in the name of religion.

  • If you build "castles in the sky", see a doctor if you start thinking about moving in.

  • Only those that are completely satisfied with the quality of the human race should be the ones opposing human cloning.

  • One thing that exists without limits is the capacity for human happiness; though many act as if happiness were so scarce that one must deprive or take it from another in order to possess it for themselves.

  • The arrow penetrates so deeply because its force is concentrated at its tip, the way that success is most likely achieved when effort is concentrated on a particular objective instead of diffused over many.

  • It takes perseverance and luck to achieve life’s goals; but the latter can’t be depended upon. Surprisingly, luck seems to gravitate to wherever perseverance is operative.

  • If any talent exists within us, it must endure the risk of ridicule by others while in the process of its development.

  • When we are intolerant, we are ignorant. When we tolerate we are informed. When we find nothing to tolerate, we are mature.

  • We should always follow the pathway to truth, even when it leads away from our most basic beliefs.

  • Always put off till tomorrow what you can do much better tomorrow.

  • Many realities became so, not from being real, but from the frequent retelling of that which was false.

  • If we demanded perfection in what we do, we’d probably still be working on the first thing that we tried. All progress demands that we accept less than that which is perfect.

  • Let your thoughts roam free but keep your acts on a leash.

  • We should pray for the day that mankind is as concerned about what he puts into his brain as he is about what he puts into his stomach.

  • Much of what we call fact is only a wish dressed up to be more presentable.

  • Most rumors are the illegitimate children of speculation.

  • Nothing will clarify one’s thoughts, on any subject, as much as writing those thoughts so that another will be able to understand them.

  • Accidents will increase in direct proportion to the amount of benefits that they produce.

  • Our reversals in life should be like getting food poisoning, in that it doesn’t stop us from eating, except temporally.

  • The lessons, learned by failing, are so costly that they should only be acquired as a last resort.

  • Most of the obstacles of life can be met just like a river when it meets a boulder; it just flows around it, leaving it behind, just as it was before.

  • Confidence is optimism wearing suspenders.

  • When we claim that we understand another, it’s like claiming to have read a book by reading its cover.

  • Choosing to not acquire the skills that society needs, is like choosing to sleep under a tree where a flock of birds roost.

  • We should keep our hands off of creativity and anvils when they are in use.

  • Holding one’s tongue is easier when one’s mouth is kept closed.

  • To be regarded as successful requires that we first overlook the flaws in one’s success.

  • How can anyone be regarded as free if felt compelled to act like others. How can anyone be regarded as free while obsessed about what others think?

  • To part with something that is disliked, may be a gift to the recipient but it is always a relief to the former owner.

  • Receiving opportunities, that we are unprepared for, are like eunuchs receiving invitations to The Playboy Mansion.


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