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  • It is easy to overlook much yet still we often see very much more by doing just that.

  • Many of our difficult-to-break habits have the tensile strength of steel.

  • Happiness comes from the taming of the beasts of fear and desire, to your purposes. Unhappiness comes from the beasts of fear and desire taming you to their purposes.

  • The honesty of many is founded less on their character and more on the observation that it is more profitable to be honest than dishonest.

  • Like discarding the ballast in a hot-air balloon, we also soar highest by discarding the ballasts of dogmas and superstitions.

  • The main reason that so many have trouble finding the words to describe things is that they aren’t describing things; rather they are trying to find words to describe their feelings about things.

  • "Life" is a sexually-transmitted "disease" that is always fatal.

  • When we get rid of the tyrants of erroneous beliefs, we tend to replace them with the opinions of others.

  • Laziness probably wouldn’t be so bad were it not for the flaunted success of those without it.

  • It is doubtful if any lasting success ever came from just owning something. Happiness, if it comes from possessing things, comes when those things that result in our doing something with them.

  • As a rotten apple can spoil a barrel of apples, only one lie can spoil the believability of one that is otherwise truthful.

  • The durability of love rests on the proposition that two individuals can impart themselves into one another. When only one does, the durability is like a duck’s love of a certain body of water without the water’s benefiting. Soon the duck will leave for other waters.

  • Life is a learn and pay-as-you-go kind of job.

  • The attention-span of a listener is usually shorter than the attention-span of a talker.

  • There is: racial bigotry, ethnic bigotry, gender bigotry, economic bigotry, and age bigotry; but the most common bigotry of all is moral bigotry where individuals assume moral superiority over others only because of their different moral beliefs.

  • The tongue can penetrate into the heart of another yet show no wound.

  • The majority of life may be composed of little more than many small addictions that go unnoticed because they are so common within each culture.

  • We like to imagine ourselves to be free even while during each day we are dictated to by our fears and desires.

  • The struggle for power is a product of our insecurities, yet few things so threaten one’s future as contending for power that is possessed by others.

  • Being the complete master of one’s fate is delusional except for the individual just before committing suicide.

  • Inactive minds, like stagnant pools, breed corruption and decay.

  • In a very real sense, our happiness seems to be taken hostage by those that have an economic interest in our choices; they do this by dangling what looks like happiness in front of us in the form of something to buy; actually their happiness is only a decoy as real happiness can only come from within. This is far from denying that unhappiness can and often is caused by what is outside of us. The absence of unhappiness isn’t happiness.

  • It isn’t clear what the first thing is to become immortal, but the second thing is to die.

  • Although we believe, through science, the greatest and most important problems of life can be solved; this is more likely a delusion than a realistic hope, as most of our problems originate within us and it is unlikely that science will ever change our very nature.

  • It’s possible that average intelligence is significantly below average.

  • We are closer to the truth when we regard ourselves as being ignorant then we are when we regard ourselves as being knowledgeable.

  • One’s mettle is tested just as severely in times of abundance as in times of adversity.

  • Just because a mind is mature doesn’t mean that it’s ripe.

  • The most certain way to have multi-phobic adults is to teach our children that danger resides in almost everything.

  • We would all give more affection were it not for the fact that we feel deprived of affection; but were we to give more affection, that deficiency would soon cease.

  • Many successful people are neurotic, and many people are successful because they are neurotic.

  • Life is a one way cul-de-sac.

  • It seems that as people grow older they become more and more self-absorbed; this may be because as we age, we tend to fear more and more. When fearful, we tend to “circle the wagons” but as we grow older the circle become smaller and smaller until each person become the circle.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 34 of  161

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