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  • There are many that regard life as a prolonged contest to see who can accumulate the most wealth or power, and without ever wondering what the prize is.

  • By bringing a child into the world, parents have earned the right to take a child’s clean-slate and write upon it hatreds, fears, dogmas, superstitions, and assorted other notions. The child undergoes a further handicap if reared in a small town or rural area where most others believe the same. The only hope for the child will be found in a multicultural city where the child can see and experience the lack of universal agreement about the beliefs that have been held since childhood.

  • We shouldn’t judge mankind as if it were a finished product, but rather as a product under development.

  • One essential step, in becoming free, is the willing abandonment of all beliefs that conflict with one’s common sense and one’s reasoning.

  • Karl Marx said that religion was the opiate of the masses; but today it is complacency about the future that more dulls our awareness.

  • It is easy to pat ourselves on the back for what we’ve accomplished if we just ignore the shoulders on which we stand.

  • We are not what others believe us to be. We are not what we’d like others to believe that we are. We are not what we’d like to be. We are not what we like to believe that we are. We are more than all of the above. But, what we are remains undiscovered.

  • Whenever we wonder why one loves another, we stroke the belief that love comes from reason. Wherever love arises, it isn’t from reason any more than does, fear, curiosity, and hope.

  • Although slavery in our country has long been abandoned, there is another more sinister form of slavery that commands that we act in accordance with the words of various authorities.

  • It seems strange that so many are frightened of new beliefs when the old ones were already so frightening, especially if one just stops and thinks about them.

  • All that we possess are those things which we have borrowed for a period yet to be discovered.


Comments - Our Non-Religious Beliefs
Page 34 of  131

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