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  • We can see further standing on our feet than on our knees.

  • One of the best things about a democracy is that when a political party starts to dominate the other parties, their arrogance causes them to do stupid things which causes the electorate to bring another party in to power.

  • It seems likely that posterity will judge us as having thought first about ourselves and about them not at all.

  • When something is paid for by someone else, the individual is likely to take, and to take more, than if the individual had to pay for it. This single factor is a chief cause of waste in any culture that that endorses such practices.

  • Perhaps now and then, there is a congressman that cares more about America than personal achievement, but the overwhelming majority cares first about gaining power, and they use the appearance of caring for us only to gain that power.

  • In the places where prostitution is legal and they pay their income taxes, shouldnít they be entitled to declare a depreciation allowance?

  • When two laws mate they produce ten loopholes.

  • The majority of protestors protest because they are the minority.

  • Itís OK to exercise your right to free speech if you donít mind otherís rights to totally ignore you.

  • Perhaps some day congress will outlaw rutabagas if a majority finds them distasteful like they do censored items.

  • Government should ensure that their citizens receive the full consequences of their actions instead of taking from those that do well and giving to those that do poorly; this would ensure more doing well and fewer doing poorly.

  • That we were all created equal is a fantasy; that all could become equal is a dream; that we could ever treat all others equally a hope; that we could all treat one another as equals should be our goal.


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