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  • Religions are for the most part, just cults that have gotten large enough to become politically persuasive.

  • If spiders were capable of believing in a god, without a doubt their god would have eight legs.

  • Theologies tend to ride on the back of mankind with a switch for its behind and a carrot for its eyes.

  • As intoxicating as alcohol is, are many of mankind’s beliefs, especially those that are believed to be divine in origin, and like alcohol those beliefs tend to be much more intoxicating to a few than to the many.

  • It would seem as though many Christians really don’t trust in God, for if they did, then they should trust in God to administer retribution to the sinner instead of trying to preempt Him.

  • Those that believe that what happens is because “It is written.” would seem to believe that sin is preordained and should therefore be done as a duty to follow God’s Script.

  • Nothing causes the many to congregate and say “Hosanna” as their insecurities, because if they were secure they would know that God would hear them alone even in a closet.

  • Theologies can and have cast its dark cloaks over mankind’s greatest atrocities and called those acts Holy.

  • It is no coincidence that those that most object to any view of the naked body are also the chief opponents of the naked truth.

  • What some claim as a miracle may only be an unexplainable occurrence for which we’ve yet to discover a cause. To dismiss miracles as mere humbug is to arrogantly claim a greater understanding of the Universe than is probable.

  • The moral precepts, manufactured by many, are usually intended for export only.

  • The concept of sin probably has more to do with man’s efforts to control its citizens' behavior than God’s wish of enlightenment for mankind.

  • Evil is like a sty, in that it’s always in the eye of its beholder.

  • It is never possible to understand the nature of what it’s like to be a mouse or an eagle; in fact we never understand what it’s like to just be a member of the opposite sex. It therefore is obvious that we can never understand the nature of God, no matter how much we want to. Those that claim to do so are either mistaken, or dishonest to their followers. Since God is presumed to be everywhere all of the time, He therefore can be found within each of us once we remove the barriers of fear and compulsive desire. Only then will “The Way” be open to us, but we must first be willing to travel “The Way” that will be unlike the way that we were taught while young.

  • Faith is used to prop up those beliefs that can’t stand on their own.

  • Each religion seems unswervingly smug about the truth of its own religion and the complete falsity of all others.

  • It seems strange that since God is perfect and we should strive also to be perfect, that we would ascribe to God the deplorable human traits of jealousy and vengefulness.

  • Those that claim moral knowledge through their moral authority are intellectually corrupt, and are perhaps corrupt in any moral sense as well.


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Page 34 of  67

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