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  • In most cases, the road to success is paved with failures.

  • If everyone had diabetes, it probably wouldn’t be called a disease, but just another property of the human condition. Perhaps aging is not recognized as a disease only because it also is considered just another property of the human condition.

  • A smile is no more a sign of happiness than a clock’s face is the sign of a correct time.

  • Truths make no demands of faith.

  • If health were only the mere absence of illness, than every stone should be deemed healthy.

  • While young, we spend time seeking the purpose of life. When old we spend time wishing that there had been one.

  • Many are so disposed as to call anything short of perfection, a failure. To these, all in life is a failure.

  • Responsibility for many is like a hot potato—something to hold on to, only until it becomes painful.

  • The desperation of the weak can destroy the complacency of the strong.

  • It would be interesting to know if the extraterrestrials wonder whether intelligent life exists on Earth.

  • A mortal enemy will remain just that until becoming either a friend or a corpse.

  • When a TV advertisement says that they want to sell you “so and so”, you can be certain that that is true. When the newscaster says that “so and so” happened, it only might be true.

  • War’s first victim is the façade for the sanctity of life.

  • One obvious way to become wealthy is by “gittin” much faster than “spendin”.

  • The “good old times” was never experienced though it is often remembered.

  • That history repeats itself isn’t immediately apparent, for very much the same reason that new fashions aren’t recognized as being old fashions. History, like people, change in appearance because of fashion changes. History isn’t changing; it’s the clothes she wears that changes.


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