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  • The value of one’s work should not be measured in its sweat and time, but in its results.

  • It is wiser to trust those that often disagree with you than those that always agree.

  • An argument that is won by backing a friend into a corner is often a friendship lost.

  • Many ideas are easier swallowed if well-buttered.

  • We would never take something from someone that we love and destroy it; but often that is exactly what we do when we fail to take care of ourselves

  • There are many that will always make more prayers than they’ll make efforts.

  • If you are gong to rest on your laurels, it’s best to be sure there aren’t pointed ends present.

  • If only we could possess the skill to recognize what is undiscovered in others as the sculptor can recognize the statue within an uncut stone, human progress would soar.

  • If one is prone to be two-faced, it’s best to keep the ugly one in the dark.

  • Life’s failures are often because of our preparing for what the world needed instead of what the world will need.

  • Troubles are like itches; if you look for them they will surely come.

  • Part of today’s problems is not only that many don’t do what they preach, but that they also don’t preach what they do.

  • There are impulsive acts and there acts borne of reasoning; but during times of crisis, few can tell the difference.

  • "Holding one’s tongue" is easier when it is taking a rest.

  • One entity that will never bore us is that entity within each of us that challenges every assumption and belief that we hold dear.

  • You should never concern yourself about what others think of you. You will never become the product of their thoughts; however, their thoughts about you will eventually become the product of you.

  • Each of our lives should be preserved, like a trump card, to be expended only if a worthwhile cause is found.

  • We should take care, whenever we fail, to never reward that failure in even the most minor way, or else we will make failure a habit.

  • Far more would rather increase their risk of adversity by inaction than be forced to take responsibility for a lower risk of adversity by acting.

  • Some take humor very seriously.

  • Marriage should be looked at as a kind of gardening that requires constant weeding and cultivation before receiving the harvest.

  • In solving problems, lack of patience is very much like constantly picking the scab off of an injury.

  • Adversity is far from evenly distributed, but there is a tendency for those to have little to magnify what they have, and for those that have an abundance, to minimize.

  • Some of the longest lasting things that we will ever make are words; the words of praise and criticism that we give to one another often last the lifetime of the recipient.

  • The source of joy is peculiar to every individual and must be discovered individually, and not by following the directions of those that have already found theirs.

  • One of the unique abilities of humans is the ability to laugh; yet, it is one thing that we understand so little about but do so readily.

  • Man is not necessarily corrupted by violating laws, but all laws are corrupted when they violate man.

  • If we would harm by telling the truth, and benefit by telling a lie, then change the subject.

  • Opportunities are less the product of finding and more the product of sweating.

  • No matter how perfect anything seems to be, it is mankind’s tendency to look ever closer to show that it is not.

  • Those that chant “Power to the people.” ignore the obvious fact that the people are in no way qualified to use that power in the nation’s interests, and most often not even in their own interests.

  • Every opportunity to provide a kindness comes with an expiration date which reads –“now”.


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