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  • If we wish others to gain the capacity to love, we first need to reduce their fears; as it is impossible to love while fearing.

  • Lucky are those that have escaped dependency on luck.

  • If we want children to aspire to greatness, they must learn of the great individuals that preceded them.

  • No one is capable of remembering any year that they lived; but one does remember just a few moments of that year.

  • Growing-up is much slower than growing older.

  • Only by no longer breathing are we to become no longer vulnerable.

  • Life is filled with the trivial that often comes to us disguised as the essential. The essential often comes to us disguised the trivial.

  • More than a sight, more than a sound, a scent has the capacity to capture and return us to a specific moment of long ago.

  • If we deny our convictions during a controversy, our convictions will continue to rage against us.

  • The ignorance that poses the greatest risk to our future is the ignorance of our ignorance.

  • Were we all insane, what would be the nature of those that we would then call insane?

  • If individuals would seek the same power over themselves as they seek over others, most of mankindís social problems would vanish.

  • We can all reach a point when more information is not informing.

  • Whenever we are quoted, we are always, in a sense, quoted out of context; for what is the context of a person other than that personís entire life?

  • Perhaps our greatest fault is our unwillingness to admit fault.

  • When we were young we had the belief that that we knew ourselves well; but when we matured we discovered that all that we had then was little more than a nodding acquaintanceship with ourselves.

  • If one is unable to treat their body as a servant to the mind, then the body will eventually make the mind a servant to the body.

  • It seems to be true about our understandings that the more light that we shine on something, the less we see.

  • As a barometer measures our atmospheric pressures, our hatreds measure our understanding deficiencies.

  • The most difficult people to forgive are those that weíve abused the most.

  • The personal happiness or the personal misery of any individual is as difficult to communicate to another as is the color yellow to one that has always been blind.

  • The feeling of not caring can be a symptom of apathy as well as a symptom of maturing to the point that when one has so well adapted to the world that no changes are needed or desired.

  • Mankind seems to find its inherent ignorance so intolerable, that if a rational understanding isnít available that it willingly accepts an irrational understanding no matter how improbable.

  • As we age, we tend to remember less, but what we tend to remember more are all of the things that we should have done.

  • Were it not for deep ruts of our customs, many could pursue lives of enrichment instead of despair.

  • ďNothingĒ is too good for the complete ascetic.

  • The tendency to madness increases proportionally to the numbers that are deciding anything.

  • The purpose of each life is found within its middle and never in its beginning and ending.

  • With some, it is more blessed to receive than to give.

  • Unless fame is considered as a form of power, fame is almost as corrupting as is power.

  • Humans are the only creatures that so often receive more pleasure from the anticipation of something than in its realization.

  • Is there a rational explanation as to why music is so uniformly prized by humans when there seems little evolutionary reason for its existence or appreciation? Perhaps this is an unrecognized gift from God.

  • Even though a mind can file away an enormous amount of knowledge, it is still the filing system that will make it useful, not its size.

  • It is far wiser to abandon the struggle to gain power over others and devote oneís energies to gaining power over oneself.

  • Walls can restrain as well as exclude but they can never provide freedom even when they are only mental.

  • We often hear that ďIt isnít important whether you win or lose, itís how you play the game.Ē We never hear ďIt isnít important whether I win or lose, itís how I play the game.

  • Perhaps the sole meaning of life is to be found only in its search for its meaning.


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