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  • It is doubtful if any other animal, besides man, believes it is something more than what it is.

  • I suspect that if we were somehow handed the ten most significant truths about either ourselves or the Universe, that we would all find them to be absurd.

  • Few would want to engage us in any lengthy conversation for a second time if we adhered to the maxim "Honesty is the best policy".

  • Lincoln said: "A house divided against itself can not stand". The same is true regarding ones integrity and peace of mind when we profess one set of beliefs but act in ways that are contradictory.

  • Many people’s moral progress is like a sailing ship caught in the Sargasso Sea, remaining wherever the last puff of moral persuasion left it.

  • What we acknowledge as a belief is any assumption of fact that we acknowledge is only that, and a recognition that many, perhaps even most, others reject as a fact.

  • If our convictions are to be useful tools for living, they must first be taken out of our toolboxes and applied to the tasks for which they were designed.

  • There is, has always been, and will forever be, a struggle between the forces of enlightenment and the forces of ignorance, superstition, and dogma, with the first trying to pull the others into the light, and the last three trying to pull the first into the dark abyss. This is not a struggle between good and bad, but a struggle for mankind to become free through knowledge.

  • Some say that they were dishonored by others when the only one that was capable of that was themselves. We can no more be dishonored by others than we can be unborn by them.

  • We are often told that "We shouldn’t put all of our eggs in one basket.", when we should have been told to keep our eyes on our eggs whether they’re in one basket or ten.

  • There seems to be the notion that "Things will take care of themselves." How is this possible with inanimate objects? What often happens is that if we leave things alone, somebody else takes care of the problem.

  • Dogmas act like a large anchor being drug along the ocean’s floor as our ship tries to make a port somewhere in the future of mankind.


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Page 35 of  131

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