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  • During the time that Hitler was in power, most Americans were scornful of Hitler’s absurd claim that Arians were the master race, however, many of those same Americans had, and have yet today, no difficulty in believing in the equally absurd notion than there is an inferior race. What is often ignored is that some sub-cultures are less able to adjust to changing times, and because of this those sub-cultures reflect ways that seem inferior to those that accept change. Americans need to be aware that the rapidity of change now occurring poses a risk for our culture also becoming inferior to those that welcome and promote change.

  • The only censorship that should go unfettered is self-censorship, because once a government starts assuming that it knows best what its citizens should be exposed to, it will never cease assuming.

  • Wherever there is a giant, a thousand dwarfs with knives will be found.

  • As an oasis will attract those that thirst, so does the potential for corruption, which is found within power, also attract the corruptible.

  • Americans are increasingly looking to Hollywood actors for political opinions; how long will it be before they start consulting with grocers when they want opinions about acting?

  • When a war is lost, it won’t be found again in the future.

  • Atomic weapons haven’t created a new danger for us; rather they have only increased the potential efficiency of an old danger- that of mankind’s fear of other’s differences and how to reduce those fears by reducing the others.

  • When a culture is constantly kept in a state of deprivation, those within that culture will seek to satisfy only their own needs; it is easy therefore to understand why some cultures have contributed so little to the rest of us. Our contributions may have more to do with our abundance than with our nature.

  • Lawyers are always careful to state that the accused is an alleged “so and so”; perhaps we should then call our lawyers “our alleged lawyers” and our congressional representatives “our alleged representatives”.

  • If there’s no business like show business, why do we still have politics?

  • If we want to have better laws, one way would be to limit each congressman to one law per year; laws, like everything else tend to deteriorate in quality the more that are made per unit time.

  • Any policy that is developed in Washington is deemed a success if it hasn’t created and been blamed for a calamity before the next election.

  • Committees are to progress what mountains are to highway building.

  • What better indication can there be that we are not all equal in the eyes of the law than the fact that wealthy federal convicts tend to get sent to country club prisons and those without wealth tend to get sent to generic type prisons. Perhaps those in government are taking precautions should they also wind up behind bars.

  • A good leader leads where the followers would have gone anyway; an outstanding leader goes to where the followers should have been going.

  • The tree of Liberty can look healthy even as it roots weaken.

  • Crime doesn’t pay; well perhaps it does but it pays even better if you become a politician.


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