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  • Most superstitions are but fragments of long ago abandoned religions.

  • To not have unquestioned faith is to be cast into a turbulent sea, but that turbulent sea offers the only hope of the discovery of what we are and of what we might become.

  • In most cases, the belief of what is right or wrong is entirely a matter of personal tastes, personal tastes of which many feel should be imposed on others, as it is their only moral compass.

  • If Heaven is supposed to be a place of perfection, it would therefore tend to be an unchanging place because it wouldn’t vary from that perfect state, yet everyone that we know would despair quickly of a place that was unchanging.

  • When we trust in God, we should also trust that He will neither put a roof over our heads nor food directly into our stomachs.

  • If we truly long for God’s Will to be done, how can we pray for otherwise unless we feel that we can convince God of His error.

  • Beware of those that claim possession of a copy of God’s plans for mankind, for most likely the plans that they possess are for controlling others at their whim.

  • Theological concepts function like the blinders that are put on a horse to keep its attention directed to a very narrow field of vision.

  • Perhaps when angels are punished, they’re sent to Earth.

  • Being God is not an elected office that requires anyone to say: “I believe.”, but zealots of every persuasion campaign and solicit for their beliefs as though God’s Reign were not eternal.

  • We are lifted by giving thanks for what we have received, but there is far more to be thankful for if we would just reflect on the multitude of maladies that we didn’t receive.

  • Surely God more welcomes those that come to Him after freely choosing alternatives than those that come to Him only because of the blind habits of their childhood.

  • When God gave us life, he did so without any warranty.


Comments - Our Religious Beliefs
Page 35 of  67

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