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  • An early frost sheds a tree’s leaves like misfortune sheds those friends that were only imitations.

  • Some fear the coming of robots; but the trend of education, in conjunction with the increasing influence of the mass-media, may soon make the difference between robots and ourselves of little consequence.

  • We should be thankful for habits. Nothing is so depleting of our energy as having to decide how and what to do every second.

  • History is now. The next moment is history getting ready to hatch.

  • There are many that listen only to their own thoughts of what to say when the prattler pauses.

  • Happiness generally increases in proportion to the increase in one’s options. Increasing one’s options is always moving towards freedom.

  • Imagination is the weapon that many use in an attempt to kill reality.

  • Modern art and schizophrenia seem not unrelated.

  • That the ancients praised wisdom more than intelligence was probably not an accident.

  • Tabloids should be looked at as being like a water-purification plant that treasures the impurities.

  • Were it not for language, some people, in order to express anger, would be forced to bite.

  • If intolerance is a vice, then intolerance of intolerance is a virtue.

  • Whenever power is granted, whether to a corporation, labor union, a government, or an individual, there should also be provided a mechanism for its removal. For abuse and corruption of that power follow just as surely as the tail of a coin follows its head.

  • The future belongs to those that continue to seek knowledge and understanding, not to those that believe they already have what the future may require.

  • An untruth told often enough: an untruth told long enough: an untruth from a trusted individual: all have the temporary effect of transforming an untruth into an accepted “truth”. When all three of these “truths” become accepted, they will remain dogmas for the ages.


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