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  • If one wants to defeat a proposal, all that needs to be done is to suggest the formation of a committee for its study.

  • One cannot move forward while looking back, or while holding fast to the status quo.

  • That freedom of speech is more prized than is the freedom of thought, is indicated by how much more talking is done without the companion of thought.

  • If we all waited for another to do what we know to be right, no right would ever be done.

  • We may not reach a goal that was set higher than we can attain; but we will attain a higher achievement than when we only choose a goal that we know we can attain.

  • It’s easy to understand why so many of the uneducated resent the educated when so many of the educated use their status to look down on the uneducated.

  • Where something is done, is often as important as what is done, like grabbing a snake immediately behind its head, or six inches further back.

  • Get your plans for the future right or your plans for the future will get you wrong.

  • Giving excuses is always a sign of weakness, even when asked for one.

  • If one bites off more than they can chew, it’s better to spit it out than to choke.

  • Those that are prone to run away from that which is feared, will generally find that their feet will not move any faster than the feet of their fears.

  • Even the world’s largest paintings are made of small brush-strokes.

  • The other person may be getting even further ahead while you’re just trying to get even.

  • When making decisions, one should avoid, when possible, those decisions that are irreversible. In other words, one should retain as many options as possible.

  • The main difference between winners and losers is that winners try again after defeats while losers just give up.

  • When we take a well worn path, we should expect to see others going to where we once were; just the same as when we believe that we are progressing, others will claim just the opposite.

  • If you find yourself in the happy state where “your cup runneth over”, don’t move the cup, but fetch a straw.

  • It is easy to get your name perpetuated forever; all you need do is change your name to “Anonymous”.

  • There is a very large difference between those in touch with reality and those that embrace it.

  • One’s true religion is the highest orientation in life that any person has; religion is never discovered by what people profess, but what their actions disclose.

  • Reputations are not, no matter how hard we may try, established on what we claim that we have done; and any attempt to do so is a sign of weakness, not strength.

  • Those that strive for revenge, unknowingly strive for self-destruction.

  • A backbone, too often stiffened, will fail of brittleness.

  • Though an act may be obvious, the motive remains a mystery.

  • For some reason, it is easier to assume intellect in those that say little than it is in those that speak much.

  • It is not unwise to follow the methods of those that have succeeded, but it is unwise to believe that success is guaranteed in the attempt.

  • Risk is present in every moment of our existence; all we can do is increase risk or reduce it; sometimes to do nothing incurs a greater risk than if we act.

  • Although actions may speak louder than words, they always need an interpreter.


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