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  • One of the greatest challenges facing mankind is to discover our nature, which has evolved over eons, and then to determine if its components should be reinforced or extinguished for our anticipated futures.

  • Impatience towards all things is roughly proportional to the subconscious fears that those things arouse.

  • A mountain looks much larger from the bottom than it does from the top.

  • No one is born wise. Wisdom is something that must come from the experiences of living, discarding those lessons that failed, and clinging to those lessons that succeeded. The latter will be minute compared to the former.

  • Humans seem to be the only creatures that have developed their minds enough to believe that they know that anotherís chromosomes are either superior or inferior.

  • Should we ever discover perfection; our imperfect minds will probably fail to recognize it.

  • When offered, few things are as tempting as the opportunity to possess power; and few things are so potentially destructive to oneís character.

  • There is no cure for the remorse of not having done what we should have long ago done for another.

  • In every nation, citizens have retained one right that the state cannot deprive. That right is the right to self-delusion.

  • One thing that exists without limits is the capacity for human happiness; though many act as if happiness were so scarce that one must deprive it or take it from another in order to possess it themselves.

  • The frailty that comes with aging is the penalty that we must each pay for cheating the Grim Reaper.

  • Much of life is spent just waiting for the punch line.

  • Every child is an experiment that educates the parent as to what to do differently the next time.

  • A threat, lurking behind a life that most acclaim as a success, is the tendency for personal corruption to grow like a cancer that can consume oneís character.

  • Hope continues to exist even in our darkest moments in much the same way that time continues onward after the sun sets even though the sundial clearly indicates that it has stopped.

  • There is a moral compass within each of us, but they donít all use the same North.

  • One characteristic of wisdom is to always be able to stand on both sides of an argument all of the time, but recognizing that one or the other foot will bear more of the weight at one time than at another.

  • It seems to be the nature of humans to persist in childish and adolescent behavior as long as they appear to be successful in getting what is wanted. It is unlikely that any of us matured merely because it was wise to do so.

  • The maw of time devours all of our miseries, but alas, us as well.

  • Desire is such a powerful force that it is correct to say that many desire to desire.

  • One should live so that oneís character and reputation are one and the same.

  • Lies poison the minds of others and after a while poisons the mind of the poisoner as well.

  • Absolutely nothing instills a desire for justice more than being a victim of injustice.

  • Lighting a small quantity of tender can ignite a great fire, the same way that a small amount of curiosity, if fueled my mystery, can ignite a lifetime of learning.

  • A kind of civil war is born within each of us when the body starts out overwhelmingly stronger than the self, but the self, if liberated by the absence of custom and dogma, can become strong enough to gain victory and make the body become its servant.

  • While drowning in our ignorance, we somehow delude ourselves into believing that we are knowledgeable.

  • The discontent of abundance and of deprivation are little different except the latter is discontent of not having what is needed and the former being discontent of not having more of what isnít needed.

  • The most effective antidote for the poison of anotherís anger is an attempt at calm understanding of the other.

  • A belief and an assumption are far from being the same thing; assumptions are consciously chosen; a belief, even when a person says that they chose to believe, only asserts an assumption. Beliefs are taken in and held like a kind of Velcro that we can neither control nor understand, nor can we say what causes that Velcro to turn loose of a belief and cling to another.

  • It is as easy to find fault with another as it is difficult to find fault with oneself.

  • Fame starts out as acclaim of another and evolves into only words about a name.

  • Those that endlessly go about acquiring things may only be reflecting feelings of their personal deficiencies, deficiencies that can never be satisfied by acquisitions of things.

  • No group is as susceptible to rumor as is a mob, and no other group is as likely to invent that

  • There is a grey zone that exists between happiness and unhappiness that seems similar to death.

  • Self-affirmation is the ultimate attainment of a mature mind since it no longer needs or wants the affirmations of others in order to feel fulfilled.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 36 of  161

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