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  • Remember, a rising tide lifts all ships, but only if they’re afloat. Those on the bottom stay there.

  • Mankind should be glad that death is so terrifying to most; otherwise individuals’ blue moments would invite mankind’s extinction.

  • We are often told that we should believe in ourselves; but there is never any indication of what we should believe. What we believe, should be far more important than merely the act of believing.

  • Success serves us poisons as well as nutrients.

  • What we call greatness, in another, is but a fleeting illusion that time quickly erases. Also what we call smallness or ordinariness is another fleeting illusion that time also doesn’t ignore.

  • There are many that seem to believe that we can live the future as though it were a theory instead of an actuality. If we deny our nature sufficiently, perhaps this could be so; but, who can do so?

  • Being mostly honest is like having a light switch that is almost on.

  • Since behind every great man, there is supposed to be a woman; we should devote more time to try and find out what the heck she’s doing back there.

  • Tomorrow is always the sum of yesterdays and today with a little chance added for flavor.

  • We often bemoan what harm nature has done to us; but if the truth were known, we would be found guilty of doing far more harm to her.

  • It is often said that it is better to be a hammer than an anvil; but it is the anvil that will wear out many hammers and still look near new.

  • It isn’t that people don’t believe that anything that they value has a price attached to it; it’s that they want that price to be paid by someone else.

  • We tend to believe that the strong will always overcome the weak; but in the long run, it is the weak that will defeat the strong by weakening them with their weakness.

  • There apparently are many men that believe that “The Women’s Movement” refers to a particular style of walking.

  • Nothing so deters a danger as does the anticipation of its arrival.

  • Reason tends to be most highly prized when it seems to support existing beliefs.

  • Sometimes a little learning is a lot less dangerous than a lot of learning; it all depends on what’s being learned.

  • One should be cautious when dealing with a theory that seems more valid the less there is data.

  • Accelerating change will be a factor for as long as we can rationally anticipate. Those opposing change, only because it is change, will remain behind like crying newborns rebelling against their new environments.

  • The wellspring of our fears flows within us, not about us.

  • We are seldom at ease in our ignorance; in order to set ourselves at ease, we develop all kinds of theories, few of which will ever be shown to be even approximations of “what is”.

  • Any that claim humility have shown that humility to be adulterated.

  • Anything that can’t be measured should be regarded as hypothetical.

  • To hold a successful martyrdom, one must first determine if the majority cares about the cause.

  • Good manners are often worn as a veil for ill intent.

  • The most basic lesson, in acquiring wisdom, is to avoid doing anything when it seems likely that one will eventually regret the act.

  • Although we tend to think of mathematics and language as entirely different, they are linked in ways that challenge even the simplest of things. We know that two plus two equals four, but it also equals twenty-two.

  • If marriages are made in Heaven, we should wonder why they aren’t kept there.


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