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  • The winner in politics generally turns out to be the politician that can take the most number of complex problems and then propose the most utterly simplistic solutions for them.

  • One symptom of a failing civilizations is its overwhelming desire to hold on to the past.

  • We probably should have no fear that Spanish will displace English in America; what is more probable is that these two languages wild merge to become a branch of English, from one perspective, or a branch of Spanish, from another perspective.

  • Moving forward, but moving forward much slower than the rest of the world, is little different than not moving at all.

  • In the past, most Americans lived during a period when the choices were to find the most positive alternatives; in the future, choosing will increasingly be to find the least negative alternatives.

  • What may be disgusting to one person may seem like beauty to another, and later that same person may find that the beauty of yesterday has become the disgust of today. In all matters where tastes are concerned, every emotion is possible and no criticism of another’s taste is rational.

  • We are seldom weaker than when we start believing ourselves invulnerable.

  • There may be no congressmen that would benefit the country if it didn’t also benefit their own constituency; it is even more likely that all congressmen would harm the interests of our nation in order to benefit their own constituency.

  • Why is it that all of the crooked politicians seem to be in the other party?

  • The fact that many find another’s words offensive should not lead to the government prohibiting those words, no more than should many find someone’s face offensive that the government should prohibit that face to be seen in public.

  • “Mr. and Mrs. “My Vote Doesn’t Count.” decides most elections.

  • Why are we so desperate to find intelligent life in space when we have done so poorly finding it here on Earth, and have done an even poorer job of developing that which we have found?

  • It is no more justice, merely to be provided with a lawyer, than one is provided with transportation, merely by providing shoes.

  • Congress has proved conclusively that if a government is improved enough it won’t work.

  • Having a war, with no one coming, will happen when we start have elections with no one voting.

  • Civil servants are usually the servants that are least civil.

  • If the government proposed continued life on this planet, a large and vocal opposition would take to the streets.

  • Zealots of every kind believe they are the sole arbiters of truth and wisdom, and are much more to be feared than those that make an overt effort to seize power.

  • Those that gain new powers are always eager to exercise them in much the same way as when one gets a new automobile.

  • Nothing creates as much contempt for laws as do those laws that are widely ignored.

  • How can anyone be considered competent to govern others while being inept at governing one’s self.

  • Most of the political clamor that takes to the streets to protest is as futile as the dogs that chase after passing cars; each has a sense of accomplishing something while accomplishing nothing.


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