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  • There are many that constantly speak so despairingly of life that it’s a wonder that they live yet today.

  • What we often mistake as anger in another, is really only the frustration of another to understand.

  • Tyrants come and go, but the tyranny of public opinion will persist forever.

  • Those that flee from the enlightenment of an unpleasant truth choose to hide in the darkness of that which is false.

  • It may be that “Time heals all wounds”, but for many we should wish that time wounds all heels.

  • It is doubtful if anyone every slept like a baby during the time that they had one.

  • Those that say: “We live and learn.” would find it more opportune if reversed.

  • Words, whether written or spoken, are the bearers of all untruths; but the eternal truths that are expressed in words existed long before any words expressed them. Untruths didn’t exist before words.

  • Whenever we prove that something is false we are making no declaration of that which is true.

  • The only things that can’t go wrong, are those things made only of words.

  • Often those that are willing to “bury the hatchet” will still claim its ownership.

  • Reality continues working even when no one is watching.

  • We live in a time when being called “normal” seems somehow demeaning.

  • A truth comes to us dressed in its birthday-suit while untruths come to us disguised in any way that is needed in order gain our acceptance.

  • Music is a kind of fourth dimension that we can enter without any means of taking its measure.

  • Reality is independent of our beliefs or disbeliefs in it. Reality cannot be created by beliefs, although many politicians and theologians make a career of trying to so.


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